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To attach a document, click on “ATTACH.” This takes you to a Browse selection to find your document.  When you have selected the document and it appears in the box, click on the ATTACH button.

You may also cut and paste documents into the text box and click on ATTACH to upload your documents.

Attached files should be no larger than 2 MB.  Convert files larger than 2 MB into .pdf files before attaching.

What file types are acceptable?

For OSU departments, the following file types may be uploaded:

Text Documents (.txt)
Rich Text Documents (.rtf)
Microsoft Word Documents (.doc and .docx)
PDF Documents (.pdf)
Microsoft PowerPoint Documents (.ppt and .pptx)
Microsoft Excel Documents (.xls and .xlsx)
Microsoft Visio Documents (.vsd and .vsdx)
Image Files (.jpeg, .jpg)

Most documents will retain their original formatting when uploaded.

If you are uploading a Microsoft Word document, the following are steps you can take to help ensure that it will convert to PDF format properly:

Please use "standard" fonts, such as Times New Roman, Arial and other common fonts.
Avoid using bullets in your text, as they tend to translate strangely to the system.  Use asterisks (*) or dashes (-) instead.
Avoid the use of complex tables and shading.
Avoid the use of several columns in one document.
Avoid embedded images, such as pictures or graphics.
Convert Visio files to .pdf format before uploading.

Once you have attached your document, please click the View link to verify that it uploaded correctly. If your document appears to have formatting problems, please click the Remove link to remove the document, and then adjust your document as needed by following the tips above and reattaching it.

Required Documents Chart for Actions

Each action requires certain documentation to be attached to the Supplemental Documentation page of the action.  The chart below will help you identify which documents you should prepare ahead of time. 

Required  Documents Organization Chart Justification  for Action Resume/Vita for Recommended Appointee (Non-Competitive) Draft Position Ad/Announcement Salary Comparators Classified OS1/2 Office Support Skill Code Sheet
  Establish New Position R O        
  Reclassify Position R R        
  Update Position R R6        
  Establish and Fill New Position R O   O2   R4
  Reclassify and Fill Position R R   O2   R4
  Update and Fill Position R O   O2   R4
   Ranked Faculty            
  Establish New Position            
  Update Position            
  Establish and Fill New Position   R3 R3 O2    
  Update and Fill Position    R3 R3 O2    
  Professional Faculty            
  Establish New Position R          
  Update Position R          
  Establish and Fill New Position R


R3 R3 O2
  Update and Fill Position R R3 R3 O2
  Academic Wage            
  Establish and Fill New Position     R   R5  
  Temporary Staff             
  Establish and Fill New Position            R4

     R = Required     O = Optional

2  Optional – attach if you request review and approval from your business center HR staff.

3  Required when conducting a non-competitive search (waiver of search).

4  Required for classified staff office support positions (OS1 and OS2) OR if you wish to utilize the OS1 or OS2 Pool for a temporary staff position.

5  Provide  the name, title, and full-time annual salary rate for each comparator provided. It is also helpful to know how many years the employee has been in the similar position.  If the salary range you are requesting differs from the comparators provided, provide justification for the salary range proposed. For Update actions, attach only if a pay increase will be requested as a result of job duty changes.

6  Required when requesting to change the competency level of an IT position.