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This field is completed for positions in the Academic Teaching/Research Faculty or Administrative/Professional Faculty appointment types only. 

Regular: used for all faculty unless another status is applicable.

Athletic Contract: coaches on contract.

Clinical Track: used only for faculty who are engaged almost entirely in clinical practice and teaching, though scholarship and University service is expected.  Development of an independent research program is not essential, and most scholarship activities are expected to contribute to professional issues or program development.  Clinical track faculty are not eligible for tenure.

Extension: professorial faculty working as extension specialists, extension agents or other extension positions that are fixed-term and carry an expectation for scholarly accomplishment.

Post Doctorate: research associates working as beginning level researchers, usually 0-3 years after completion of their Ph.D.

Senior Research: professorial faculty who will be on fixed-term contracts and expected to fund their own salaries through sponsored research.

Visiting Appointment: 1-3 year appointments, filled by faculty with positions at other colleges or universities to which they will return.