Sample Position Descriptions For: Faculty Research Assistant OR Senior Faculty Research Assistant

Position Summary:

[Briefly summarize why the position exists and its role in achieving unit/program objectives.]

This position collects/provides objective, science-based information related to [XXXXXXX – the discipline being studied]; involved in scholarly activities, conducting bench top/field research, contributing to and authoring publications.


[Identifies the breadth and scope of decisions, the level of autonomy and review, and any specific guidelines used to make those decisions, i.e. OAR’s, FASOM, etc.]

Standard protocols are used; this position may make modifications based on day-to-day requirements.  Makes selection from a variety of possible solutions; may independently devise specific experiments.


[Describe the major or most important duties performed by this position. Be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed.  There should be an easily identifiable relationship between the duties, position summary, decision-making and lead work/supervisory responsibilities.]

XX%  Collect and/or compile research data for [XXXXX].  Develop and Implement computer models and/or methodology for research/collection, maintain accurate records of experiments and information collected, summarize information obtained and interpret results/provide conclusions based on research.

XX%  Prepare reports and data analysis for use in peer-reviewed publications (and/or for presentation at scientific symposiums/conferences).

XX%  Participate in bench-top research, including XXXXX.