Before you apply

The next Leadership Collaborative, LC2020, will be offered in fall 2019. Applications will open in spring 2019.

Your decision to apply

The LCI is a significant investment for you and your program, so it’s important that your decision to apply is based on a match between:

  • the LCI, your professional development interests and your supervisor’s interests for the work unit; and
  • the LCI participation requirements, your ability to meet these requirements and your supervisor’s support to fulfill those requirements

Before you apply, please:

1. Read Determining Your Readiness for LCI.

2. Contact a Mentor or myself to learn about the course, the commitment and the experience.

3. Share all of the information with your supervisor and determine whether both you and your supervisor can make the full commitment.

4. If you both can make the full commitment, complete and submit the application and nomination.

To apply

To apply, please click on the links below to access required forms.

Important: Both forms must be submitted for your application to be considered.

  • Leadership Collaborative I Application Form - to be completed by employee
  • Leadership Collaborative I Nomination Form - to be completed by supervisor
Participant selection process

Last year, we had twice as many applicants as could be accepted into the LCI. So, I use a process to select participants. 

Participant selections will be made based on the quality of the application package (application & nomination), and with an eye toward creating a cohort that represents a cross-section of university personnel. I recommend that you take the time to make sure the application and nomination are well done, and that you and your supervisor have set aside the requisite time for you to successfully complete the program. Also, make sure the application and nomination are submitted prior to the established deadline.

Leadership Collaborative I: Emergence is the first in a series of Leadership Collaborative programs offered by the Office of Human Resources. Subsequent collaborative programs, e.g., Leadership Collaborative II, build on the content of the Leadership Collaborative I. Hence, successful completion of Leadership Collaborative I is a prerequisite for participation in subsequent Leadership Collaborative programs. Successful completion is defined by the commitments listed on the participant application form.