Advice from Previous Participants

How to Get the Most out of the Leadership Collaborative
  • Find connections within yourself
  • Commit time and energy
  • Meet with your supervisor in-between sessions
  • Be open to not knowing.  It’s okay
  • Do your homework – start it in the first week, not the last week.
  • Include your boss during the breaks in the sessions
  • Ask for clarification, examples, etc. But sometimes, just dive in and try even if you don’t understand 100%
  • Turn to team members between classes
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Give your supervisor your RRD
  • Even if it isn’t a part of your Action Plan, if an opportunity arises, try to apply your skills
What to Expect as a Leadership Collaborative Participant
  • Fun!  Especially with your Learning Teams
  • What you learn will quickly become usable
  • You will be overwhelmed – embrace it!
  • Make time to do assignments – enforce it for yourselves and others.
  • Some, a lot, great confusion
  • You WILL make it!
  • Opportunities to use the skills will arise organically
  • Discomfort and rewards and insight