Brian Woods, PhD
Henry W. and Janice J. Schuette Endowed Professor
College of Engineering, Nuclear Science & Engineering

Through LCI, Izabela realized we need leadership in our research programs.  We need her to lead our research teams and to develop her own team.  Izabela submitted two proposals to start developing her own research program, a program that appears to be very cutting edge.  I’m excited to see her develop her own research and to develop into a leader both at OSU and in the field of Nuclear Engineering.


Melody Oldfield
Assist Vice President
University Relations & Marketing

The department and division need Gary to be a strong leader in the area of brand management related to how we write and message the university.  Gary has the expertise to be this person but in the past did not see himself as a leader, teacher, or mentor.  Now he does.

He has better tools for supervising direct reports but also to take a stronger role within our division.  It is wonderful to see him gain a better understanding that leading is understanding how to bring people along in their own careers, how to get the best out of a person and how to find direction for your department.

Marion Rossi
Associate Dean
College of Liberal Arts

A dean’s office is inherently hierarchized in ways that can lead folks to forget that college leadership is a role all of us (not just the dean or associate deans) need to focus on.  I like the basic approach of leadership as a shared responsibility and the way the program empowers and challenges employees to make a difference.  That’s a powerful message with many potential benefits for all involved.

Bill Coslow
Landscapes Supervisor

Todd’s new understanding has allowed him to engage in new conversations with students and faculty, to not only build relationships, but build bridges, and start a dialog about how to make things better, improve processes, communication and collaborate.  

It has become more apparent to Todd and me what an integral part Facilities Services plays in the overall education of students.  Working in our group provides students with “real life” experiences and opportunities to practice teamwork in a very diverse environment. Todd’s dedication to mentoring students has increased and I believe his leading by example may influence his coworkers to re-consider their role in being part of the total college experience.

Lauren Dodd
Student Services Manager

Liu has been able to contribute a whole range of new perspectives and ideas that have enhanced our solutions to problems and the quality of our services.

Tom Fenske
Health Sciences Business Center

I’m excited to see her intentionally focusing on aligning her unit’s work with the university’s VMV.   Not only does this help the department and OSU move forward, it provides a greater sense of satisfaction and value to the efforts of her staff.  As the university changes we will be better able to move with it and not struggle against it.

Bettye L.S. Maddux
Managing Director
Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry

The LCI was a great program for our new office specialist. It taught her the skills to think strategically, see the bigger picture (vision) and take a leadership role in team meetings.  When she first started, she saw her job as a series of tasks. Since this class, she has started to see the bigger picture of our efforts in the Center, in particular, how the tasks are related to the vision and strategic plan.