Welcome to the webpage for Leadership Collaborative II: Transformation

Course Description

LCII: Transformation (LCII) is an advanced leadership development course focused on preparing participants to advance OSU’s Vision, Mission & Values through the integration of emergent, collaborative and transformative leadership skills with OSU values. 

Three primary learner outcomes facilitate the realization of this purpose: 

  1. Cultivation of a deep understanding of OSU’s values, e.g., diversity, equity and inclusion.
  2. Development of collaborative and transformational Leadership skills;
  3. Creation & implementation of integrative strategies in service of OSU’s Vision, Mission & Values. 

Course Overview

Course Structure

LCII is being re-designed as a hybrid Professional Learning Community (PLC). The hybrid includes online work and class time. This approach caters to individual learning needs, engages experts as consultants, and maximizes the power of peer learning. 

Course Topics


Requirements for Acceptance into LCII

  1. Self-directed, active and engaged learners who manage their own learning process.
  2. Successful completion of LCI: Emergence and development of LCI skills.
  3. Commitment to advancing the OSU Vision, Mission and Values with emergent, collaborative and transformative leadership skills.

Introducing LCII: A Multi-Media Preview

Take a quick look at the thinking behind LCII.  This preview is another experiment in our ongoing endeavor to facilitate learning with technology.