"One of the outer qualities of great captains, great leaders, great bosses is that they are unutterably themselves. This is what makes their stature so gigantic in our imaginations. They are living at a frontier, a cliff edge, in a kind of exhilaration that we want to touch in our own lives. The best stay true to a conversation that is the sum of their own strange natures and the world they inhabit, and do not attempt to mimic others in order to get on."

--David Whyte, "Crossing the Unknown Sea"

Path through the woods

Leadership is much more than position or title. It begins with a deep awareness of oneself and the ability to lead from this deeper understanding. With clarity of self and purpose, the impossible becomes possible and leading people to a greater future can be realized.

Journey Into Leadership provides a support structure to help you discover who you are as a person, a colleague, a family member, a coworker, and a leader. What you find along the path may challenge you, yet ultimately awaken in you possibilities you never knew existed.

Journey Into Leadership is not about following another's path; however, we will learn from the journey of others through group sharing, presentations, and by other means.

As you browse this site for details of the program, we ask you, "Are you ready to embark on this journey? Can you discover new ways, through self-exploration, to elevate your leadership potential and be more effective in work and in life? Are you willing to overcome the barriers that can create a greater future for you? Are you self-driven and open to the challenge of growing your leadership potential? If the answer is "yes" then we invite you to apply for Journey Into Leadership."

--Paul Biwan, Associate Director, Center for Learning & Organizational Development