(Taken from previous program evaluations.)

"The leadership program helped me feel more confident in speaking up and volunteering in work and departmental situations."

"I now have a more focused, big picture approach to work. My self-confidence in crisis situations has improved drastically. My time is now purposeful instead of reactionary."

"The program provided me with a firm, safe place from which to view my own development as a leader. The process gave me useful tools for developing my skills, and more importantly, the confidence I needed to trust my instincts and follow my own compass as I moved more deeply into my leadership role in my unit."

"Self knowledge, self awareness in the moment, and commitment to personal growth, not only for my own self but for the sake of the community are life long efforts. The leadership journey gave me new inspiration to continue this quest."

"When people ask me about Journey into Leadership, I tell them it is the single best thing I have done in my life. What more can I say? At the most basic level, it has changed the way I relate to people, how I talk to people, what I talk about, and how I listen to them."

"I am more selective in what I take on because I want to really "be there" for whatever project I select, and I want it to fit into my values and goals."

"The program taught me not to just scratch the surface, but to fully research problems and concerns I encounter in a very indepth manner through all the complex layers until I reach the core. I have learned to do this on a regular basis using the new tools I picked up while walking on the yellow brick road of the Journey."

"The group interaction was critical for the value I received from JIL. Participating in this kind of experience with others, and seeing how we all struggle with the same issues-- understanding that I was not alone in overcoming the fear and trepidation of becoming a leader."

"One of the biggest gifts the program gave to me was the idea that I could actually become the person I wanted to be."

"I have taken on several projects that previously would have overwhelmed me with self doubts."

"I have taken on additional leadership roles, including a high profile position on the board for a national organization. I did so with increased confidence, and even a sense of "fun" in being involved in leadership."