OSU Core Curriculum: Basic Tools for Supervisor/Manager Success at OSU

The OSU Core Curriculum training program is designed to give you tools to help you be a successful manager/supervisor at OSU. The program consists of online prerequisite learning followed by a classroom discussion in more in-depth knowledge sharing.

  • You will learn about and be able to find resources for:
  • Performance management (position descriptions, communication and feedback, setting expectations, and the performance evaluation meeting
  • Work safety and worker's compensation
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • ADA compliance
  • and more...

Scheduled Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Watch for announcements!

Manager’s Legal Toolkit: Tools and Processes for Managing Professional Faculty

This program is designed to inform OSU supervisors and managers of legal issues and responsibilities when supervising professional faculty. At the end of the program, supervisors and managers will be better prepared to handle the challenges of the modern workforce.

Scheduled for Fall term. Watch for announcements!

E-Learning Courses

You don't need to wait for the Core Curriculum program to learn about essential skills for managers and supervisors. Basic knowledge of ethics for public employees, performance management, employee safety, worker's compensation processes and many more topics can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.