Manager and Supervisor Learning Opportunities

Managers and supervisors at OSU play a key role in enabling employees to do their best work.

 UHR-Sponsored Trainings


This is a training program for all Oregon State University managers, supervisors, and lead workers. The objective is for learners to understand the responsibilities they have in their role as as supervisor, and to be able to empower employees in every stage of employment Learn more →


The Managerial Competency Framework delineates the competencies OSU expects of supervisors and managers: the knowledge, skills, and abilities that OSU managers must develop and refine to effectively manage and lead people. Learn more about the Framework → 


This program is designed to inform OSU supervisors and managers of legal issues and responsibilities when supervising professional faculty. At the end of the program, supervisors and managers will be better prepared to handle the challenges of the modern workforce. This training is currently under development. Watch for announcements!

Resources for Supervisors

Sponsored by UHR

   LinkedIn Learning Supervisor Toolkit

 This page features talking points, guidance, recommended courses, and FAQs so you can leverage LinkedIn Learning with your team!
(PS - LinkedIn Learning is free to OSU employees and students!)

   Mentoring Programs

Find mentor program resources for department managers and leaders.

Additional Programs & Resources

Sponsored by Our Campus Partners


Discover course objectives, learning outcomes, and the application process for Leadership Programs (for Academic Leaders and Unit-Specific programs).


Self-identify job roles and corresponding safety training with this online tool!

This page features trainings geared towards managers and supervisors.

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