Adjunct Faculty Appointments

0200 Faculty Appointments and Service
Policy Number

Human Resources Manual

Statutory Authority

Adjunct Faculty are professorial rank faculty associated with one or more OSU departments but paid by other units of Oregon State University. Adjunct appointments enhance functions by improved communication with regular department faculty. Through cooperation and consultation, the productivity of these individuals and the programs with which they are associated may enhance resident instruction, continuing education, and research by closer association with another department.

Terms of Appointment:

Appointments to adjunct faculty positions are the responsibility of each department and will be accomplished by the procedures and within the guidelines developed by each department. Each department will have a policy which promotes a productive relationship with adjunct faculty and which establishes procedures for selection and review of these faculty. The policy should:

  1. describe the functions and responsibilities of adjunct faculty in the department/unit, and the relationship of that department/unit to their home department/unit; and
  2. establish procedures for selecting and periodically reviewing adjunct faculty of the department/unit.
    Relation to Home Department/Unit:

The department/unit conferring an adjunct appointment will notify the home department/unit of the individual appointment, but will not normally participate in evaluation of these individuals for promotion, tenure, or pay in their home department/unit.

Procedure For Appointment:

A departmental memorandum to the employee is sufficient to acknowledge the adjunct status. To assure that the adjunct appointment is acknowledged in the General Catalog, notify the Office of University Publications of the faculty member’s adjunct status.


Adjunct faculty appointments are renewable and should be reviewed annually by the department/unit. A review of accomplishments and contributions of the individual in terms of the original appointment proposal and the intent of this policy is suggested.