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Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Friday, May 20, 2022

Human Resources Manual

Use of Emeritus “Title”


The "Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit" title may be recommended for a faculty member who:

  1. retires from Oregon State University, and
  2. has held a position with indefinite tenure, generally on an active full-time basis, for at least five years immediately prior to retirement, and
  3. has demonstrated professional competence and provided effective service to the programs of the institution.


  1. Submit nomination to the Office of Faculty Affairs prior to retirement (refer to sample letter).
  2. Dean/Director will solicit a nomination from the department/unit prior to the actual retirement/ tenure relinquishment of faculty who may be eligible for Emeritus status.
  3. Dean/Director will present each recommendation in the form of a letter, addressed to the Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, providing a brief description and evaluation of the services the faculty member has rendered to the University, including dates of employment and date of retirement or tenure relinquishment. This letter will become part of the faculty member's permanent personnel records file in the Office of Human Resources. It is important that the faculty member’s post-retirement mailing address is included in the letter.
  4. Each faculty member receiving the title "Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit" will be advised of the action by the President and Senior Vice Provost through a letter. A copy of the letter will be provided to the faculty member’s department/unit.
  5. Upon receipt of the department copy of the Emeritus letter from the President, if the Emeritus form will be prepared by the department/unit representative, work with the Lifecycle Team in the HR Service Center to appoint the Emeritus faculty member. The resulting form is attached to the following documents and sent to your human resources team in the business center to begin the appointment in Banner.
  • Copy of the recommendation letter from the Dean/Director
  • Copy of the President’s letter granting Emeritus status

If the Emeritus form will be prepared by your human resources team in the business center, the department/unit sends the documents listed above to the human resources team.

Use of Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit Title

The title "Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit" will be added to the academic rank (held at the time of retirement) for faculty members whose services have been principally in teaching and research (such as Professor Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit of History, or Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit). Faculty members whose principal duty is as an academic executive administrator may have the title "Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit" added to the administrative title held at the time of retirement. The five approved academic executive administrator titles are: President Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit, Provost Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit, Vice President Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit, Vice Provost Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit and Dean Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit. In such cases, the title may also be added to their academic rank (such as Dean Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit of the College of Science and Professor Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit of Chemistry). Persons receiving the title may choose the gendered “Emeritus” or “Emerita,” or the gender-neutral “Emerit.”

Emeritus Title Reflected in Banner

The title of their administrative position at time of retirement plus the Emeritus indicator (President Emeritus/Emerita/Emerit, Dean Emeritus/Emerita, etc). Those with Emeritus status must be affiliated with an active academic department or unit. Data extracted and included in the OSU Directory, OSU Catalog, or other university publications will be reflected accordingly.


Emeritus status is to be effective for life of the faculty member. Emeriti faculty members are granted use of the library, may take courses at staff rates, and are granted an Emeritus faculty ID card. As with all other retired faculty and staff, they may also purchase athletic season tickets at faculty/staff rates and participate in the Faculty/Staff Fitness program. Emeriti faculty members are not eligible for employee health benefits, vacation leave, or sick leave.

Continuation of Professional Activities

Emeriti faculty members who willingly engage in professional activities without compensation or remuneration on behalf of the University are required to complete the Conditions of Volunteer Service Form found at

For further questions about emeritus status, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at 541-737-0732.