Full Tenure Relinquishment Program Procedure

Before You Get Started

If you have any questions about the process or the form, please send an email to [email protected].

If you are a tenured Extension academic faculty member or an administrator on a professional faculty appointment, who holds an underlying academic faculty position with indefinite tenure, please send an email to [email protected] prior to completing the application.

A Full Tenure Relinquishment Application and Agreement form must be accompanied by:

  • The employee’s resignation/retirement letter, and
  • A position description that has been signed by both the employee and unit head.


  1. Employee reviews and becomes familiar with the program policies.

  2. Employee discusses questions about retirement options with Employee Benefits (if applicable).

  3. Employee discusses, with unit head, the timing of resignation or retirement and options for continued employment including:

    • Length of post-tenure academic wage appointment

    • Duties

    • Initial work schedule

  4. Unit head discusses, with the dean/division leadership, options for the employee’s continued employment (as applicable).

  5. Unit head completes a position description for the academic wage appointment work assignments and discusses it with the employee. 

  6. Employee and unit head sign the finalized position description.

  7. Employee completes the Full Tenure Relinquishment Application and Agreement form and attaches a letter of resignation or retirement.

  8. Unit head reviews, indicates the approved academic wage appointment start and end dates, notes the employee's current full-time annual salary rate, attaches fully signed position description, and signs form.

  9. Dean/division leadership reviews and approves the form as appropriate.

  10. Human Resources verifies eligibility and other pertinent information, and routes the packet to the Office of Faculty Affairs for review.

  11.  After a final decision is made by the Office of Faculty Affairs, access to a fully signed copy is routed to the form signatories via email.

  12. Human Resources coordinates and completes the necessary transactions in the HR/payroll systems.

Resources & Additional Information