Adler, Rebecca  ---  INTO OSU

Aguirre, Rodriguez, Apolo Gil  ---  Community Relations & Administration

Ahmad, Chandon  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Ahonen, Karen  ---  Business Affairs

Alexander, Anais  ---  Linus Pauling Institute

Anderson, Christopher  ---  INTO OSU Program

Anderson, Heather  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Anderson, Stephanie  ---  Douglas County Extension

Archer, Gerald  ---  INTO OSU Program

Archer, Jerry  ---  INTO OSU Program

Archer, Lennox  ---  INTO OSU Program

Arispe, Sergio  ---  Malheur County Extension

Aron, Jennifer  ---  Clackamas County Extension

Aultowski, Adam  ---  INTO OSU Program

Aycock, Scott  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Babcock, Carol  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Balck, Gregory  ---  Business Affairs

Bales, Kelley  ---  Admissions

Barnes, David  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Barrett, Kathy  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Bates, Kathy  ---  Douglas County Extension

Beamer, Beth  ---  Warm Springs Extension

Becraft, Jess  ---  Business Affairs

Biedscheid, Bret  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Boedigheimer, Nancy  ---  Business Affairs

Bollinger, Jessica  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Botkin, Douglas  ---  Business Affairs

Bourland, Pamela  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Bouska, Cassie  ---  Coos County Extension  --- 

Boyd, Carolyn  ---  Student Affairs

Bradford, Kirsten  ---  Business Affairs

Brakelew, Diana  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Bramwell, Emma  ---  University Events

Branam, Denise  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Brooks, Kimberly  ---  Clackamas County Extension

Brown, Marty  ---  Library

Brumbach, Shari  ---  University Events

Bukovsky-Teyes, Mellie Ann  ---  Extension Family & Community Health

Bunn, Jennifer  ---  Yamhill County Extension

Burgess, Penny  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Burns, Bridget  ---  Office of the President

Carnahan, Stephanie  ---  Pre-College Programs

Carroll, Pamela  ---  Klamath County Extension

Caufield, Brian  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Celsi, Lolita  ---  INTO OSU Program

Childers, Barbara  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Choi, Jaewoo  ---  Linus Pauling Institute

Christison, Joseph  ---  Research Office

Church, Adam  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Cicerchi, Tiffany  ---  Research Office

Clark, Erin  ---  Library

Clayburn, Samantha  ---  Coos County Extension

Colton, Rebecca  ---  Baker County Extension

Condon, John  ---  Community Relations & Administration

Connor, Susan  ---  INTO OSU Program

Conti, Cynthia  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Craven, John  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Cray, Victoria  ---  INTO OSU Program

Creutzburg, Megan  ---  Oregon Biodiversity Information Center

Crockett, Cindy  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Culley, Christal  ---  Grant County Extension

Daltoso, Alissa  ---  Umatilla County Extension

Damon, Janet  ---  Institute for Natural Resources

Daniels, Lauren  ---  Klamath County Extension

Dastrup, Nicole  ---  Career Services

Denver, Cathy  ---  Business Affairs

Dixon, Ruth  ---  Curry County Extension

Dodson, Joshua  ---  Business Affairs

Donley, Amy  ---  Network Services

Dowrie, Elizabeth  ---  Lane County Estension

Drewes, Jillian  ---  Lane County Extension

Dudley, Charlotte  ---  Baker County Extension

Duggan, Scott  ---  Warm Springs Extension

Dunn, Emily  ---  INTO OSU Program

Easley, Dara  ---  Hood River County Extension

Eccleston, Jenette  ---  Lane County Extension

Edgren, Matthew  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Edmunds, Brooke  ---  Linn County Extension

Edwards, Ashley  ---  Pre-College Programs

Eklund, Anne  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Emery, Caroline  ---  International Student Advising & Services

Enriquez, Adrienne  ---  Pre-College Programs

Erickson, Leslye  ---  Career Services

Evanoff, Daniel  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Feres-Johnson, Celia  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Filar Williams, Beth  ---  Library

Forbis, Lori  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Fox, Gerald  ---  INTO OSU Program

Freeman, Jackie  ---  Jackson County Extension

Frier, Don  ---  Library

Fulghum, John  ---  INTO OSU Program

Gaebel, Robert  ---  Research Office

Gal, Cathleen  ---  Research Office

Garets, Caitlin  ---  Academic Success Center

Gaube, Gerald  ---  OUS Study Abroad Programs

Geldhof, Amanda  ---  Professional & Continuing Education

Gibson, Lindsey  ---  Admissions

Gibson, Lindsey  ---  Admissions

Gorski, Jennifer  ---  Clackamas County Extension

Gould, Deborah  ---  New Student Programs & Family Outreach

Gray, Shannon  ---  Union County Extension  --- 

Grealish, Ashley  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Green, Michael  ---  Finance & Administration

Griffith, Jennifer  ---  Business Affairs

Gross, Anne  ---  Josephine County Extension

Grove, Megan   ---  INTO OSU Program

Groves, John   ---  INTO OSU Program

Gudge, Erin  ---  Extended Campus

Guevara Ayala, Rosa  ---  Lane County Extension

Gutierrez, Yesenia  ---  Office of Equity & Inclusion

Hall, Stacey  ---  Clatsop County Extension

Hammer, Michaela  ---  Lane County Extension

Hammond, Bridget  ---  Wallowa County Extension

Hanna, Renee  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Harris, Allison  ---  Coos County Extension

Hatfield, Mary  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Healey, Megan  ---  Office of Equity & Inclusion

Hellinger, Allison  ---  Morrow County Extension

Henriquez, Paulo  ---  OUS Study Abroad Programs

Henry, Heath  ---  Academic Programs

Hinds, Mike  ---  Community Network

Hitch, Jessica  ---  OUS study Abroad Programs

Hoene, Pamela  ---  Extension Service Administration

Holland Ellen  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Hopkins, Hallie  ---  Tillamook County Extension

Hough, Joshua  ---  Admissions

Howard, Susan  ---  Office of the Registrar

Howland, Brooke  ---  Academic Technologies

Hoyt, Sara  ---  Office of the Registrar

Hultgren, Brian  ---  Financial Aid & Scholarships

Isaacs, David  ---  INTO OSU Program

Jansen, Michael  ---  Admissions

Jasperson, Marlene  ---  Sea Grant Extension

Jewell, Rebecca  ---  Douglas County Extension

Johnson, Lorene  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Johnson, Vanessa  ---  Student Affairs

Jolly, Diana  ---  Graduate School Administration

Jones, Tracy  ---  INTO OSU Program

Joyce, Ashley  ---  Deschutes County Extension

Kahakauwila, Kristiana  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Keithley, Amy  ---  Extended Campus

Kelly, Ramee  ---  Research Office

Kerekas-Mishra, Earlee  ---  Disability Access Services

Kerzel, Samantha  ---  Library

Khan, Sam  ---  Office of Audit Services

Kirk, Lesley  ---  Lane County Extension

Klampe, Michelle  ---  News & Research Communications

Kloss, Laura  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Koch, Defne  ---  Research Office

Kooyman, Erin  ---  Library

Kothari, Brianne  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Kothari, Moulik  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Krigbaum, Lisa  ---  Coos County Extension

Krigbaum, Timothy   ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Kulkarni, Dinesh  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

La Fon, Shannon  ---  Jackson County Extension

LaCrosse, Michelle  ---  Graduate School

Lane, Krista  ---  International Degree & Education Abroad

Lara, Angelic  ---  Admissions

Larse, Jarrod  ---  Admissions

Larsen, Julia  ---  INTO OSU Program  --- 

Leach, Jennifer  ---  Academic Success Center

Leavell, Daniel  ---  Klamath County Extension

Lee, Hun  ---  International Degree & Education Abroad

Lenn, Christopher  ---  Office of Equity & Inclusion

Lennon, Madeline  ---  OUS Study Abroad Programs

Lewis, Jan  ---  Finance & Administration

Libert, Teresa  ---  Community Relations & Administration

Lind, Kirk  ---  Financial Aid & Scholarships

Lobo, Courtney  ---  Extension Metro Outreach

Locke, Ashley  ---  University Marketing

Lycett, Morgan  ---  Business Affairs

Madupu, Sai  ---  Media Services

Maidlow, Erin  ---  Extension Family & Community Health

Marquadt, Jason  ---  INTO OSU Program

Martucci, Michael  ---  INTO OSU Program

Maureira, Constanza  ---  Linn County Extension

Mc Dowell, Tara  ---  Sea Grant

McBride, Angela  ---  Alumni Relations

McBrien, Elisabeth   ---  INTO OSU Program

McBrien, Patrick  ---  INTO OSU Program

McCarthy, Shannon  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

McDannell, Braden  ---  INTO OSU Program

McElroy, Kelly  ---  Library

McEvoy, Megan  ---  Business Affairs

McGaughey, Trina  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

McKay, Alvin  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Mercer, Dacey  ---  Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing

Mitchell, Melanie  ---  Professional & Continuing Education

Mogadam, Kambeez Chris  ---  Clatsop County Extension  --- 

Morgan, Andrea  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Morgan, Willie  ---  Student Conduct

Morrow, Guy  ---  Klamath County Extension

Most, Kelly  ---  Library

Munn, Becky  ---  Crook County Extension

Myers, Seth  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Nooner, Nobelee  ---  Josephine County Extension

Norek, Sarah  ---  Academic Success Center

Northway, Shanna  ---  Grant County Extension

O’Dell, Whitney  ---  Academic Success Center

Olden, George  ---  Office of the Registrar

Olsen, Karli  ---  Office of the President

Orakwue, Enuma  ---  Professional & Continuing Education

ORourke, Anne  ---  Linn County Extension

Osborn, Anna  ---  Hood River County Extension

Otter, Julee  ---  Office of Audit Services

Paden, Stanley  ---  INTO OSU Program

Padlina, Adaline  ---  Sea Grant

Page, Tobi  ---  Extension Metro Outreach

Paggi, Ashley  ---  Community Relations & Administration

Palaniuk, Tiffany  ---  INTO OSU Program

Palma, Jessica  ---  Lincoln County Extension

Palmer, Colin  ---  Wasco County Extension

Parkins, Deborah  ---  International Programs

Pavey, Peter  ---  Enterprise Computing Services

Penry, Julie  ---  Office of the President

Peters, Mark  ---  Research Office

Pjesky, Kelly  ---  Admissions

Pokorny, Kym  ---  Extension & Experiment Station Communications

Portz, Angela  ---  Extension Service Administration

Powell, Linda  ---  Finance & Administration

Prevenas, Margaret  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Quebbeman, Christine  ---  Union County Extension

Quick, Kathleen  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Radel, Thomas  ---  Business Affairs

Rebman, Randall  ---  INTO OSU Program

Reinalda, Johan  ---  Telecommunication Services

Rhodes, Adelaide  ---  Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing

Roberts, Marcella  ---  INTO OSU Program

Robertson, Kristine   ---  INTO OSU Program

Robertson, Robert  ---  Extended Campus

Robinson, Mary  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Rohlman, Diana  ---  Environmental Health Sciences Center

Rondeau, Julie  ---  Office of the President

Roos, Amy  ---  Academic Affairs

Rouska, Patrice  ---  Morrow County Extension

Rubin, Marc  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Saffell, Brandy  ---  Columbia County Extension

San-Claire, Joan  ---  Business Affairs

Santucci, Wendy  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Scadden, Christopher  ---  Polk County Extension

Schau, Jamie  ---  International Programs

Seapy, Lillian  ---  Wasco County Extension

Serra, Gabrielle  ---  Office of the President

Sheffer, Denise  ---  Washington County Extension

Shi, Tianhong  ---  Extended Campus

Shriver, Caroline  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Siegel, Deborah  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Simmons, Clay  ---  Office of University Compliance

Skomerza, Kim  ---  Jackson County Extension

Smith, Emerald  ---  Office of the Registrar

Smith, Natalie  ---  Pre-College Programs

Smullin, David  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Sommers, Blanche  ---  Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Sommers, Don  ---  Enterprise Computing Services

St. Amand, Beth  ---  Washington County Extension

Stephens, Anne  ---  Pre-College Programs

Stephens, Diana  ---  Deschutes County Extension

Stiffler, Mark  ---  Extended Campus

Stockdall, Angela  ---  University Administrative Business Center

Stoll, Jonathan  ---  Dean of Students

Storksdieck, Martin  ---  Center for Lifelong STEM Learning

Stout, Linda  ---  Douglas County Extension

Strawn, Michale  ---  Business Affairs

Stuart, Marcia  ---  Office of the President

Suits, Rachel  ---  Hood River County Extension

Sullivan, Clare  ---  Linn County Extension

Suzuki, Hami  ---  INTO OSU Program

Tadlock, Caterina   ---  INTO OSU Program

Tally, Alley  ---  Business Affairs

Tanner, Shannon   ---  INTO OSU Program

Tetlow, Lori  ---  Clatsop County Extension

Tokar, Royce  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Tolbert, TC  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Tonna, Lesley  ---  INTO OSU Program

Tosh, Claudia  ---  Klamath County Extension

Twenge, Carmen  ---  Disability Access Services

Valencia, Maydra  ---  Tillamook County Extension

Van Beurden, Ariana  ---  INTO OSU Program

Van Tuyl, Steven  ---  Library

Van Tuyl, Steven  ---  Library

Wade, Meredith  ---  University Shared Services Enterprise

Walker, Shawn   ---  INTO OSU Program

Walker, Shelby  ---  Sea Grant

Walley, Scott  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Walsh, Anna  ---  Research Office

Warloe, Kris  ---  Extended Campus

Whitfield, Dina  ---  Business Affairs

Winters, Haley   ---  INTO OSU Program

Wofford, Heather  ---  Admissions

Wojtas, Gosia  ---  Admissions

Yellin, Cevia  ---  OUS Study Abroad Programs

Yillik, Amy  ---  OSU Cascades Campus

Zabala, Gloria  ---  OUS Study Abroad Programs

Zwart, Julie   ---  INTO OSU Program