University Administrative Business Center (UABC)

Kay Alcorn -- INTO OSU

Emily Argo -- Sea Grant

Alexander Axelsson -- Disability Access Services

Katlyn Axmaker -- Clackamas County Extension

Jane Barker -- Community Relations & Administration

Penney Bazanele -- INTO OSU

Jan Beck -- INTO OSU

Karen Berg -- INTO OSU

Kathy Bickel -- Alumni Relations

Eve Broughton -- Washington County Extension

Ashley Brown -- Business Affairs

William Buhrig -- Malheur County Extension

Jeffrey Bulkley -- Extended Campus

Jess Burden -- INTO OSU

Elizabeth Burton -- Graduate School

Sara Buswell -- Admissions

Norma Cardona -- Business Affairs

Sarah Chaney -- INTO OSU

Jeffrey Contreras -- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Cindy Draper -- Business Affairs

Phil Duncan -- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Michael Eaton -- Professional Noncredit Education

Jennifer Edwards -- Career Services

William Fech -- INTO OSU

Jeffrey Fowler -- INTO OSU

Joy Futrell -- Center for the Humanities

Sarah Gallup -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Cheryl Galyean -- Pre-College Programs

Courtney Garcia -- Educational Opportunities Program

Julie Gess-Newsome -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Della Gilchrist -- INTO OSU

Connie Gladish -- 4-H Conference & Education Center

Paula Goines -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Stephanie Gorlick -- International Degree & Education Abroad

Amila Hadziomerspahic -- The Valley Library

Elizabeth Hansen-Devaux            INTO OSU

Ann Harris -- Hood River County Extension

Shannon Harwood -- Registrar

Rebecca Henry -- Research Office

Korey Jackson -- The Valley Library

Julie Jacobs -- Linus Pauling Institute

Larry Javorsky -- INTO OSU

Rebecca Javorsky -- INTO OSU

Rose Jepson-Sullivan -- Extension Family & Community Health

Tiffany Johansen -- INTO OSU

Elizabeth Jones -- Educational Opportunities Program

Claire Kagaya -- INTO OSU

Melanie Kroening -- Extended Campus

Elaine Laizure -- 4-H Conference & Education Center

Ling Lam -- INTO OSU

Amy Leeds -- Professional Noncredit Education

Marie-Pierre Lopez -- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Coral Martinez -- 4-H Conference & Education Center

Magdiel Martinez Vasquez          4-H Conference & Education Center

Meggan McLarrin -- Outreach & Engagement

Susan McMahon -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Dan Miles -- Extended Campus

Michael Miller -- Extended Campus

Ruby Moon -- Lincoln County Extension

Kristi Mc Morran -- INTO OSU

Duane Myhre -- INTO OSU          

Ronald Mize -- Research Office

Stacy Nedry-Johnson -- UABC HR

Elena Nilaver -- Tillamook County Extension

Amanda Noble -- UABC

Linnea Northcutt -- Admissions

Nana Osei-Kofi -- Difference, Power & Discrimination

Courtney Pahl -- INTO OSU

Benjamin Pellegrom -- INTO OSU

Anya Petersen-Frey -- Community Relations

Isaac Peterson -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Peter Petryszak -- Extension & Experiment Station Communications

Alma Philipp -- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Rebecca Pietrowski -- Extended Campus

Karen Pleasant Panapa -- Josephine County Extension

Adrienne Radcliffe -- INTO OSU

Williiam Rexford -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Gina Ricketts -- OSU Cascades Executive Office

Christina Riegel -- Office of Human Resources

Janet Rojina -- Klamath County Extension

Madison Rosenbalm -- Morrow County Extension

Steven Roti -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Randy Russell -- 4-H Conference & Education Center

Judy Saam -- Office of VP for International Programs

Rebecca Sanderson -- Career Services

Amy Schmid -- Tillamook County Extension

Gabriele Shadyavichyute             INTO OSU

Ernest Shirosky -- INTO OSU

Karen Sloan -- Dean of Students

Martha Smith -- Disability Access Services

Patsy Smith -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Patricia Snopkowski -- Office of the President

Jandi Sorbo -- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Peter Sparks -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Lucia Stone -- INTO OSU

Matt Stoye -- Business Affairs

Alexis Terrell -- INTO OSU

Scott Thompson -- Clatsop County Extension

Kyla Tom -- Extended Campus

Elizabeth Turner -- INTO OSU

Gilberto Uribe Valdez -- North Willamette Research & Extension Center

Samuel Van Laningham -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Megan Vetter -- INTO OSU

Debra Watson -- Josephine County Extension

Carmin Weber -- Admissions

Zulfiya Weitz -- INTO OSU

Cynthia Williams -- Jackson County Extension

Alicia Winchester Jantz -- Crook County Extension

Kara Witzke -- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Amanda Wood -- Registrar’s Office

Carl Yeh -- Dean of Students

Adria Zampich-Gibbs -- International Scholar & Faculty Services

Karrie Zellars -- Extension Family & Community Health

Hui Zhang -- The Valley Library