March-July 2013

University Administrative Business Center (UABC)

Liset Gonzalez Acosta --- INTO OSU

Michael Akey --- Network Services

Kristin Albrecht --- Clatsop County Extension

Kelly Anderton --- Provost’s Office

Alisha Atha --- Polk County Extension

Isaac Avery --- The Valley Library

Bruce Aylward --- Water Research Graduate Program

Whitney Barstad --- Office of Human Resources

Cathie Becker --- INTO OSU

Cheryl Bemis --- The Valley Library

Casey Bennett --- Linus Pauling Institute

Eve Broughton --- Morrow County Extension

Ashley Brown --- Business Affairs

Larry Buchholz --- The Valley Library

Sara Buswell --- Admissions

Eve Chambers --- INTO OSU

Jeffrey Contreras --- INTO OSU

Michelle Cvitanich --- Extension Family & Community Health

Liliana Darwin Lopez --- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Lindsay Davis --- Clatsop County Extension

Laurie de Gonzalez --- OUS Study Abroad Programs

Megan Deam --- University Events

Jared Delay --- Extension 4-H Youth Development

Pukhraj Deol --- Washington County Extension

Scott Emery --- Technology Support Services

Christopher Evans --- Media Services

Sharon Evans --- Josephine County Extension

Rebecca Fallihee --- Linus Pauling Institute

Glenn Ford --- Finance & Administration

Joy Futrell --- Center for the Humanities

Angelika Gaertner --- INTO OSU

Craig Geffre --- INTO OSU

Arielle Greenberg --- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Julie Gess-Newsome --- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Richard Hahn II --- INTO OSU

Kate Hammarback --- Lane County Extension

Rhonda Hankins --- The Valley Library

Liana Harden --- Columbia County Extension

Tricia Harding --- Center for Lifelong STEM Learning

Jeremy Healey --- Office of General Counsel

Annie Heck --- University Advancement

Emily Henry --- Tillamook County Extension

Rebecca Henry --- Research Office

Pualani Hokulea Helmbrecht Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Lindsay Hunter --- Research Office

Kelsey Jack --- Financial Aid

Julie Jacobs --- Linus Pauling Institute

Katie Johnson --- Washington County Extension

T. Geronimo Johnson --- Academic Affairs/Student Affairs

Janet Lockhart --- Academic Success Center

April Kayser --- INTO OSU

Michelle Klotz --- Research Office

Melanie Kroening --- Extended Campus

Brent Kronmiller --- Center for Genome Research & Biocomputing

Sarah Lane --- International Student Advising & Services

Lesley Lazerus --- Research Office

Madeline Lennon --- INTO OSU

Mark Lieberman --- Research Office

Janet Lockhart --- Academic Success Center

Dorothy Loftin --- Extended Campus

Clara Lynn --- Career Services

Isabella Mackey --- Environmental Health Sciences Center

Lynn Makela --- Extended Campus

Paul Marquardt --- Linn County Extension

Ashley McDonough --- INTO OSU

Meggan McLarrin --- Outreach & Engagement

Molly McFerran --- Research Office

Richard Meganck --- Institute for Water & Watersheds

Julianne Meier --- Research Office

Todd Montgomery --- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

David Moynihan --- The Valley Library

Daniel Newhart --- Student Affairs

Betty Nickerson --- Research Office

Tammy Olds --- Clatsop County Extension

Kara Olsen-Becerra --- Linus Pauling Institute

Renee O'Neill --- The SMILE Program

Francisco Orozco Jr --- Telecommunications

Nana Osei-Kofi --- Difference Power & Discrimination

Adaline Padlina --- Sea Grant

John Paznokas --- Academic Programs/Student Affairs

Alma Philipp --- INTO OSU

Mimi Poitras --- Research Office

Lauri Potter --- ROTC Aerospace Studies

Jennifer Rasmussen --- Clatsop County Extension

Carol Renaud --- Washington County Extension

Juliana Recio --- Disability Access Services

Gina Ricketts --- Cascades Executive Office

Amy Riley --- Extended Campus

Peter Sander --- Network Services

Jolanta Smolen Santana --- Extended Campus

Melinda Sayavedra --- INTO OSU

Josh Scacco --- Office of Equity & Inclusion

Priya Shahani --- Institute for Natural Resources

Melissa Sherman --- Malheur County Extension

Dale Simpson --- Business Affairs

Jim Sloan --- Extension & Experiment Station Communications

Mikiala Souza --- Clatsop County Extension

Chris Stoner --- Research Office

John Sulzmann --- Office of Human Resources

Jared Thomas --- Graduate School

Zachary Tobin --- International Student Advising & Services

Kyla Tom --- Extended Campus

Amoreena Treff --- Linus Pauling Institute

Gilberto Uribe Valdez --- North Willamette County Extension

Robin Whitlock --- Business Affairs

Alicia Winchester Jantz --- Crook County Extension

Michael Witbeck --- INTO OSU

Meggie Wright --- The Valley Library

Karrie Zellars --- Morrow County Extension

Callie Zilk --- Web Communications