This COVID-19 page has been created to provide HR-related information and resources for employees and supervisors.

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Positive Case Notification

OSU employees who test positive for COVID-19 are required to notify their supervisor.

Employees, including student employees, who test positive for COVID-19 are required to notify their supervisor.

Step 1:
Notify your supervisor by phone, text or email if you test positive for COVID-19.

Step 2:
Follow current Isolation Guidelines.

Step 3:
Still have questions? Contact your primary care provider or visit University Human Resources for questions related to your benefits.

Supervisors are required to notify close contacts and affected employees. This includes employees working in classroom settings.

Step 1:
When notified by an employee who has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been working on-site, provide Isolation Guidelines to the employee and refer them to HR for information on their benefits.

Step 2:
Determine through a reasonable assessment, with the infected employee’s assistance, members of two groups: 1) those within the workplace who could be considered “close contacts” (within 6 feet of the infected employee for more than 15 minutes within a 24-hour period) and, 2) "affected employees" (people in the same facility or the same well-defined portion of a facility).

Step 3:
Within 24 hours of the notification, and without identifying the employee who tested positive, notify “close contacts” by phone or text, and notify "affected employees" by University email. See template guidance for suggested language to use.

Template language for supervisors

“Close Contact” Positive COVID-19 Case Notification

  • These contacts are typically made by phone or text rather than email.
  • Notification should not include the name of the person who has tested positive for COVID-19, even if the infected person’s identity may be reasonably evident.
  • Suggested language:
    • “I am calling to let you know that you may be considered a close contact of someone within our work area that has tested positive for COVID-19. Let’s make sure you have the information you need about watching for symptoms and testing.”
  • Discuss with the employee their leave options.
  • Direct the employee to the Beaver Ready site for additional information on testing and CDC’s guidance on what to do when exposed to COVID-19.

“Affected Employees” Written notification to be sent using OSU email account:

Dear [ ] We have been notified that an individual who was present in [LIST SPECIFIC LOCATION — keep the employee's privacy in mind] has recently tested positive for COVID-19. Their last known date in the space(s) above was [DATE] during the hours of [LIST HOURS]. Individuals who appear to have had close contact are being notified. We also want to alert everyone who may have been in these spaces to the possibility of exposure.

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, please inform your supervisor and contact your health care provider. Students can contact Student Health Services.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

If notified of a positive case by a student, teaching faculty are required to notify employees, including student employees, of possible exposure within the classroom setting.

Step 1:
Students who test positive for COVID-19, or have symptoms of COVID-19, should not attend class in person. As with other instances of illness, work with the student to make any needed arrangements to keep up with their coursework, especially if remote options are not available.

Step 2:
Share guidelines for isolation with the student who has tested positive for COVID-19, and refer them to Student Health Services if they are concerned about their symptoms or have any questions about medical care.

Step 3:
If the student is in need of additional support, you can contact the Student Care Team who will work with individual students to help provide needed assistance.

Student Care Inquiry Form
(541) 737-8748

Student Care Report

Step 4:
Without identifying the student, notify any teaching or instructional faculty or graduate teaching assistants who may have been exposed to the infected student in the classroom setting (see instructions for Supervisors on notifying employees). Guidance on what to do if exposed can be found here.

Vaccine Mandate Compliance

OSU requires all employees and students who work, learn or engage with others in-person as part of their job duties to show proof of initial COVID-19 vaccinations, though exceptions are allowed when based on medical or disability reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs.

Please upload your proof of vaccination to Student Health Services’ secure Patient Portal.

Vaccine access: OSU will continue to support the regional distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Corvallis, Bend and other locations throughout the state.

Find more information on Vaccine Compliance.

Supervisor Tips & Resources

 A supervisor cannot require an employee to leave based on their perception of what the employee is experiencing in terms of symptoms. In this instance, the supervisor should remind the employee experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to refrain from engaging in work activity associated with their OSU employment. Supervisors should also remind employees of leave options available to them. Supervisor support and further situational guidance is available through a Senior Employee and Labor Relations Officer.

If an employee is sick, it is essential that supervisors express concern for the employee’s well-being and advise the employee to stay home and isolate. Supervisors should advise the employee to contact by phone their primary care provider with any medical concerns, or if they are seriously ill, contact by phone an emergency medical care provider. Employees should get tested for COVID-19 if they have symptoms.

If the employee does not have a primary care health care provider, they can contact the local county health department in the community in which they reside for referrals. Employees who have been on-site at an OSU location and have tested positive for COVID-19 are required to inform their supervisor.

Vaccines required by OSU may be done during work hours with pre-arrangement through the employee’s supervisor.

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