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Understanding OSU's Land Grant Status

How OSU’s Land-Grant Status Shapes Our Vision, Mission and Values |  presentation

Land-Grant Status in the 21st Century | presentation

Developing Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement: Your Core Purpose and Focus | presentation

Vision and Values: Creating a Culture that Inspires People | presentation

Performance Management Cycle: 4-Part Series  
Topic 1: The Position Description

Overview and Roles | presentation

Writing: Putting It All Together | presentation

Topic 2: Developing Expectations & Standards presentation
Topic 3: Communication and Feedback presentation
Topic 4: Performance Appraisal

Oversight and Policy | presentation

The Writing Process | presentation

Conducting the Meeting | presentation

Integrating New Employees to the Workplace .pdf workbook w/exercises (11 pp.)
Safety and On-The-Job Injury/Illness Prevention (produced by OSU Environmental Health and Safety) presentation
Worker's Compensation & On-The-Job Injury/Illness Management for Supervisors presentation
Family Medical Leave Act/Oregon Family Leave Act for Supervisors  presentation
Employee and Labor Relations (Reading/Excercises Workbook Only) .pdf workbook w/exercises (30 pp.)
Ethical Foundations: Practical Applications at OSU presentation
Understanding the American's with Disabilities Act (produced by Equal Opportunity and Access) presentation (PowerPoint) 
Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Harassment (produced by Equal Opportunity and Access) presentation (PowerPoint) 
Attitude: The "Wallenda Factor" presentation


Customer Service Series
Four Levels of Customer Expectations: Understanding and Assessing Yourself and Your Unit presentation
Customer Service in Higher Ed: For Whom Do You Serve and Why? presentation
Introducing LEAP presentation
Diffusing Angry Customers Using the LEAP Model presentation
Establishing Customer Service Metrics: Collecting the Data presentation
Write Email Productively to Reduce Overwhelm and Get More Done presentation


The following trainings help you to understand employee leave benefits, your responsibilities when managing leave when using the EmpCenter time and attendance system. These trainings will not cover technical features.
EmpCenter for Employees: Understanding Your Leave Benefits presentation
EmpCenter for Supervisors: Managing Employee Leave presentation
EvalS is an electronically-driven performance evaluation system designed to assist supervisors and employees to complete their annual goal-setting and appraisal tasks.
Performance Evaluation Management System (EvalS) website