The Oregon State University Exemplary Employee Award recognizes employee work performance and service of the highest caliber which is above and beyond the standard expectations held for professional faculty and classified staff.  An employee recognition committee selects, from your nominations, two recipients to be honored at the University Day ceremonies with the presentation of plaques and a cash award of $500.00 each.

To be eligible for the Exemplary Employee Award both professional faculty and classified employee nominees must have a minimum of one year of University service at .50 FTE or greater.  Temporary employees and members of the Employee Recognition Committee are not eligible for nomination.

Anyone can make a nomination: supervisors, co-workers, or student groups.

For full consideration, a completed nomination must address the criteria outlined on page two of this memorandum and include:

  1. A nomination letter of up to three pages addressing the criteria outlined below;
  2. Two one-page letters of support that address the criteria; and
  3. One of the above documents must be from the employee’s supervisor.

Please send your completed, confidential nomination packet, no later than April 6, 2018, to:  

Tracey Yee
Office of Human Resources
122 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2132


If you have questions concerning this award, feel free to contact Tracey at 541-737-5426.

Past recipients list.

The Exemplary Employee Award Committee reserves the right to seek clarification of information when necessary.

Exemplary Employee Award Criteria

Using specific examples, describe how this employee’s performance merits recognition for exemplary service.  Please describe, as precisely as possible, how the nominee has consistently shown outstanding or extraordinary performance in three or more of the following areas:

Customer Service – contributes to improvement in the quality of service to students, staff, faculty, and/or the public;

Service Projects – undertakes significant projects which demonstrate creativity or progressive ideas;

University Service – demonstrates service to Oregon State University beyond regular assignments that is especially meritorious;

Leadership – demonstrates initiative and sets the pace in a supervisory or non-supervisory role;

Mentoring – encourages and motivates other employees to improve their performance;

Self Improvement – initiates developmental activities to improve job knowledge or work performance;

Efficiency – contributes ideas that result in savings of time and / or resources;

Problem Solving – demonstrates creative and innovative resolution to problems or challenges in the department and / or university; and

Teamwork – contributes significantly in team approaches.