Presenter: Paul Biwan, Center for Learning & Organizational Development

Most journeys begin filled with excitement, anticipation and possibilities. When the journey involves the exploration of uncharted territory, there are times when doubt and uncertainty come into play. It could be the first steps that are difficult, or the sustainment of the journey that is most challenging. Persistence in moving forward and adapting expectations during these challenges is easier when you fully commit. We are inviting you to take the leap, immerse your whole self in the process, and trust that you will have a terrific experience by doing so. This first session will include:

  • A review of the program, its goals and objectives, and the expectations of you as a participant.
  • An opportunity to introduce yourself to your colleagues in a way that stands out.
  • Small group work to help facilitate your leap into the journey.
  • Interaction that creates a connection with your cohort as each will impact your experience.

In this session, you will receive your program workbook and handouts, the books Originals by Adam Grant and The One Thing You Need to Know by Marcus Buckingham, and instructions for completing the online StrengthsFinder assessment.