LCI is designed to achieve two primary learner outcomes: 1) transform the OSU Vision, Mission & Values into reality, and 2) unleash the potential of all employees.  Course sessions and Leadership Skills are aligned with these outcomes.  The chart below illustrates which Leadership Skills contribute to the two outcomes.


Lauren Dodd
Student Services Manager

Liu has been able to contribute a whole range of new perspectives and ideas that have enhanced our solutions to problems and the quality of our services.

In a letter to the Director of the Office of Human Resource, Liu Yang writes,

When I realized Dr. Mägis had a very different teaching style than many other presenters who focused heavily on giving information, I became immediately convinced of the potential outcome of this training.  When she stated her philosophy that ‘taking in information is only distantly related to learning,’ I could not agree more.

I started to identify trends and think strategically on program implementation, which means to respond rather than react to repeated issues we encounter at INTO OSU.  I also became more confident in speaking up in meetings and giving presentations to groups.  Most importantly, I found myself searching for opportunities to act proactively instead of waiting for tasks to be assigned.

I thank you for your endorsement in making this session a possibility for all employees like me who may regard themselves as ordinary but will be transformed into doing extraordinary things. I look forward to seeing many more people becoming emergent leaders and thus contributing their strengths to the OSU community.