Journey Into Leadership

Journey Into Leadership is a 7-Series program that supports you in discovering who you are as a person, a colleague, a family member, a coworker, and a leader. We will learn from the journey of others through group sharing, presentations, and by other means that you identify for yourself.

Costs for participation are funded entirely by OSU.


Leadership Development Project

The Leadership Development Project provides leadership training and consultation in various forms and venues to accommodate the needs of OSU faculty and staff. It features and builds on the foundation of the Leadership Collaborative. The Leadership Collaboratives are intensive training programs designed to facilitate development of practical Leadership skills and effect positive organizational outcomes.

Leadership Collaborative I: Emergence

Leadership Collaborative I: Emergence is a 5-session program will develop Emergent Leaders capable of generating vision-directed outcomes for their work units and the university, and transforming the OSU Vision from an idea into reality. This program is led by Dr. Kristen Magis, Trainer and Consultant.

Leadership Collaborative II: Collaboration

Leadership Collaborative II: Collaboration is a 5-session program.  All people who successfully complete LCI: Emergence are qualified to apply to LCII: Collaboration. This program is led by Senior Leadership & Professional Development Consultant Dr. Kristen Magis.

Costs for participation is funded entirely by OSU.