Tammy Jennings
Manager – Human Resources
Health Sciences Business Center

I was thrilled to be a member of the first Leadership Collaborative.  LCI gave me renewed focus and energy, provided practical tools and skills, offered opportunities to have values-based conversations and revelations, and gave me the chance to take thoughtful action.

I made profound personal and professional connections to OSU’s Vision, Mission and Values.  I encourage anyone looking for a transformational experience to participate in LCI!

Mary Phillips
VP for Research
Research Office

Through the Leadership Collaborative, I found the words to explain why the function of my job is important to achieving the OSU Vision.  I learned to see how values inform decisions.  And, I have learned a lot about myself.  I have new tools to better assess situations and guide my approach to move that situation forward.  I now feel very connected to OSU, to the campus community and to my supervisor.

This is a transformative roller coaster class of learning, discovery and reflection – and I want to take it again.  Thank you.  I needed this class and your guidance more than I imagined I would at the beginning.

Brenda Langley
Director of Operations
NW National Marine Renewable Energy Center

I feel hopeful now.  The LC gave me applicable tools, resources and group support to test out and hone Leadership skills.  I have developed a network across the university and feel truly supported.  Had I missed the opportunity with LC, I would have failed in several aspects of my new management role.  My learning has helped me in every aspect to develop better processes, build shared connections, and view circumstances differently.  I’m thinking and acting in an integrated manner.

I am committed to OSU values.  Learning how to incorporate OSU’s VMV into my management practices will help me model patterns of behavior that can invoke positive change, and that will affect growth at many levels.

Chrysanthemum Hayes
Assessment Coordinator
VP/Dean Undergraduate Studies

I think the LCI Mission is one of the only ways this institution will improve continually and as a place where we actually fulfill our own Vision.  It’s an approach from within and throughout, which is fantastic because it allows for different ways of doing the same thing, i.e., living the Vision.  It allows for flexible and personalized solutions but with a common Vision to drive it forward.  That is powerful.

Sarah Kolesar
Program Leader
Oregon Sea Grant

Through the Leadership Collaborative, I re-focused my work to put relationships at the center.  Improving communication and focusing on people and their role within my organization has helped connect what I do with the VMV.  I realized that Leadership tools have a name and a purpose, and that becoming a Leader is not just a shot-in-the-dark.  Leadership takes practice and intention.

Initially, I was skeptical that LCI could provide connections with Sea Grant’s strategic thinking process.  Now that I’ve worked with the tools, I see that connecting with the VMV is an important way to accomplish meaningful work.  And, my work as a supervisor has improved since I can help staff connect their tasks and goals with the organizational VMV.

The fact that Leadership can be emergent and come from anywhere in the organization is essential to understand and to teach, both formally and by example.  Everyone can benefit from applied practice of Leadership skills, and LCI provides practical tools easily incorporated into everyday situations.  It is well worth the time and effort to participate in this training!

Zachary Gill
Senior Grant & Contract Officer
Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration

In the LCI, I learned that leadership can come from anyone and everyone craves being surrounded by good leadership.  As a result of my participation in the LCI, I am more relaxed as a manager.  I have support in the Vision of my unit and have some tools to guide my team to that Vision.  My team has changed our staff meetings so they are much more focused and productive.  The LC has given me tools to better deal with personnel situations and with stakeholders.  In my field, there is sometimes a focus on the process instead of the goal.  I want to get people to look up for a second from their technical processes and look at why we are doing things and how we can do them better.  I also want to inspire greater respect for our customers and a focus on solving their problems.  I think that all managers should have this sort of training in order to inspire their teams to work toward the team goals.

Amanda Strong
Assistant Athletic Trainer

The Leadership Collaborative was very rewarding and helpful for me as an emerging leader trying to get to a manager’s role in my career.  I am different now because I know how to be more intentional in my work and dealings with people.  Before entering this class, I would have never appreciated how a university/department/work unit’s value, mission and vision would have been such an integral part of my work life.  I know can see how important it is to exude these three in how you approach your work life.

I always thought of myself and have been told that I am a “leader” but with LCI, I have really been able to open my eyes of actually how to hone those skills and be effective.  LCI has absolutely affected my program especially as we are trying to refresh our mission and vision statements.

Laurie LeRiche
Human Resource Manager

If the Mission for LCI is to develop Emergent Leaders capable of generating Vision-Directed outcomes for their work units and the university, and transforming the Vision from an idea into reality, I would say that I have succeeded.  Now, prior to starting a project or while talking about a task, my mind automatically goes into the ‘how does that support the VMV, and how can we align this with our core values?’  When I have an idea about ‘how’, I speak up and take action.

As an Emergent Leader, I am taking initiative and paving the way to support the VMV.  If I set that example, if I help tell the story, if I talk about how to change a process so that it embraces the VMV, then others around me will be affected.  With others now affected, they are taking notice.  The more people noticing the connections with themselves and others, the more the self-awareness will grow.  In this sense, it is spreading through the organization.

Claire Wu
Assistant Director
Career Development Center

I have had leadership training in previous employment.  Unfortunately, VMV was never a part of our discussions.  The Vision Connections tool taught me to ask critical questions, which are really important as our department VMV needs updating.  I also noticed that so many people, including myself before the LC, have no clue of our department VMV or the OSU VMV.  We are so busy at what we do and figuring out how we should do it, but we ignore or forget about why we do it.

The LC helps me understand more deeply how people with Emerging Leader mindsets can be more influential and how communication is a key skill that Emerging Leaders should have.  I have 10,000 Moments many times a day now.  The LC has been an opportunity for me to have time to myself thinking and reflecting on my motivation in this job, thinking about why I do what I do, rather than just refine my tasks. 

Andrew Woogen
Marine Technician Superintendent
College of Earth, Ocean & Atmosphere Sciences

LC has given me a new perspective on many different things.  It’s given me a useful set of tools and it’s helped increase my confidence as a Leader.  This has already been reflected tangibly in an office build project, and it is reflected in my confidence to lead my team here at OSU.  My goals are to apply my skills and further develop my talents as a Leader working directly with people.  In my previous career, I managed robotic systems.  Now, I’m managing people.  I need to develop my Leadership skills further working directly/closely with the people that I manage.  I also plan to use my leadership skills as a parent.  I have two little girls.

The training that I’ve received in LCI has really helped me to view basic everyday ‘things’ differently.  The stereotype of a great Leader is ‘making big decisions’. But the reality is that it’s the little everyday decisions that really matter and make a difference.  This training has helped me realize the importance of the ‘little decisions’ and it’s given me the effective tools that I can utilize.

Liu Yang
Chinese Language & Culture Advisor
INTO Oregon State University

In a letter to Dave Blake, Liu writes,

When I realized Dr. Magis had a very different teaching style than many other presenters who focus heavily on giving information, I became immediately convinced of the potential outcome of this training.  Dr. Magis demonstrated her commitment to discussion and reflection and deepened learning throughout the four sessions. 

Consequently, I witnessed myself being transformed through my active participation.  I became emboldened to voice my opinions and present my unique perspective.  My colleagues and supervisors also noticed the difference.  I started to identify trends and think strategically on program implementation, which means to respond rather than react to issues we encounter at INTO OSU.  Most importantly, I found myself searching for opportunities to act proactively.

I really appreciated this opportunity.  Dr. Magis’ enlightened training method made me aware of my potential and transformed me into an emergent leader.  I also thank you for your endorsement in making this session a possibility for all employees like me who may regard themselves as ordinary but will be transformed into doing extraordinary things