The insights gained by you in this leadership program is a direct result of the self-guided effort you put forth and the connections you make with others. To put you on a path to success, we asked past participants for tips on how to start and get optimum results. Here's some comments...

  • Find the time early in the program to read all the materials. Both books and the leadership manual are worth the time and effort to read and think through.
  • Ask questions, be curious and open to other ideas. Coming into the program, I was in a leadership role positionally, and thought that I knew already. I realized that leaders have many different styles and that my personal leadership style should not be dictated by societal expections. By being open, I was able to figure this out and be more authentic.
  • Do the assignments in the workbook. Writing and exploring helps you learn more about yourself and you'll get more out of the presentations when you do this work.
  • Take advantage of the variety of resources. Go to ALL the sessions--even the ones you think you won't get much out of. They will surprise you! Read the session materials, books, and the workbook. They enhance each other in ways that you won't see coming! Learn from your fellow participants--during the sessions and from their reflection writings. You will be surrounded by amazing people who have more to share than you, or they, expect! Finally, challenge yourself... Be open-minded.... Disrupt your normal way of thinking....Give your best to your project.... Participate fully. If you don't, you'll miss out on an amazing resource, and so will the people around you.
  • Make early connections with the other members in the Journey into Leadership program. A lot can be gained from the experiences of others. Start a group with co-journeyers after the sessions or in between sessions to debrief and share what you've learned to discover insights.
  • Determine the amount of time needed to focus on program activities and "do them first" each week. A little time and attention goes a long way, as long as it happens on a regular basis. Make the commitment to the leadership program "a priority" and changes will happen in your life that you might least have expected.
  • Talk with people not in the program about the Journey Into Leadership sessions. This helps better solidify the learning and allows you to share with others who may not think of themselves as leaders.
  • Dedicate more time and energy into reading, observing and journaling. The experience will be even more wonderful. Unfortunately, our jobs do take us away from what we really want to do. But, I would definitely, make it a higher priority.
  • Request a performance coach. This helps to create a project that will have the greatest impact on one's own leadership.