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Selected position summaries, decision-making statements, and descriptions of duties are available for the position titles linked below. Click on the desired link to open a sample position description.

Academic Teaching/Research Faculty Position Titles:
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Faculty Research Assistant
Research Associate
Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Senior Instructor

Administrative/Professional Faculty Position Titles:
Advisor (Academic Advisor)
Assistant Dean
Associate Dean
Department Head
Department Chair
Director (Director Position Title)
Professional Faculty

Classified Staff Position Titles: see the Classification Specifications for guidance 

Below are the maximum number of characters, including spaces, that may be entered into the Online PD and Recruiting System for the following fields:

  • Position Summary – 3700 characters
  • Position Duties – 3700 characters (in each text box)
  • Decision Making/Guidelines – 1200 characters
  • Minimum/Required Qualifications – 3700 characters
  • Preferred Qualifications – 3700 characters