Staff Fee Privilege (Staff Tuition)

Eligible employees appointed at half-time or more may take up to 12 credit hours at a reduced tuition rate.  All Oregon Public Universities (except Oregon Health Sciences University) participate in this program with each campus identifying any programs that are excluded.

    • Employees taking courses must consult with their departments regarding work schedules if taking classes during work hours.
    • To qualify for staff fee privileges, the employee must meet the eligibility criteria no later than the first day of classes of the term of enrollment.
    • Eligible employees may transfer their staff fee privileges to one family member or domestic partner upon verification that the transferee is a qualified recipient of transferred staff fee privileges.  The term “family” includes spouse and dependent children in accordance with IRS Code and domestic partner as defined per Section One of the PEBB Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.
    • The value of the tuition reduction may be subject to taxation to the employee
      • Graduate Level Courses
      • Undergraduate courses taken by a Domestic Partner or Domestic Partner’s children
  • A new application MUST be completed each term by the submission deadlines.

For additional information and deadlines, please visit the UHR Staff Tuition website.