New employee orientation and training sessions for staff and faculty

These resources are designed to help supervisors and employees navigate the OSU orientation process.

Orientation Sessions

Monthly sessions are conducted for employees who are new hires and/or newly eligible for benefits are held in conjunction with new employee orientation sessions. (No registration required.)

The new employee orientation sessions will present new staff and faculty with:

  • The "big picture" of OSU, including the organizational structure, and its mission and values.
  • An overview of health and retirement benefits (replacing drop-in help sessions).
  • An understanding of the campus resources and services available to assist.
  • The terms and conditions of employment.

Administrators and topic experts will be present for questions and answers. These sessions are designed to complement other departmental and campus-wide orientation programs.

Training Sessions

Essential trainings will be offered to new employees covering topics of: 

  1. Ombuds services;
  2. Sexual Harassment training;
  3. Mandatory Reporter training;
  4. Workers’ Compensation; and
  5. Safety training.

View a schedule of upcoming new employee orientation and training sessions.