The Office of Human Resources is launching the Leadership Development Project (LDP). 


People across the University emerge as leaders to transform the OSU Vision from an idea into reality.


Develop Emergent Leaders capable of generating Vision-Directed outcomes for their work-units and the university, and transforming the OSU Vision from an idea into reality.

Leadership Develoment Project Values


Vision-Directed, Values-Based - Transforming OSU’s Vision into reality requires consistent vision-directed, values-based decision-making and action-taking.

Systems-Orientation - All organizational functions operate in a highly interdependent system that must work seamlessly to facilitate realization of OSU’s Vision. 

Collaboration & Inclusion - Cross-functional, inclusive and collaborative communities are required to unleash peoples’ capacity, and to address multi-dimensional, complex issues.

Leaders Across Campus - People at all levels and in all organizational functions must be prepared to take leadership action to realize OSU’s Vision.  

Continuous Improvement, Innovation & Learning - Continuous improvement, innovation and     on-going learning are required to transform Vision, Mission and Values into real-life outcomes. 

Project Foundations

Professional Development - Skill development is facilitated via engaged participation, integration of theory & practice, individualized consultation, peer exchange and on-the-job skill application.

Organizational Development - Positive organizational development is facilitated as participants work with their supervisors to apply new knowledge and skills to job-related issues.

Safe, Challenging Learning Environment - An honest, respectful, confidential and open learning environment is created to explore ideas, practice skills, take risks, break frames and create knowledge.

Peer Sharing & Expertise - Strategies to engage peer sharing, e.g., learning teams, discussions, exploration, active listening and support, are engaged to facilitate adult learning.

Leadership Development ProjectThe Leadership Collaborative

The Leadership Development Project (LDP) features the Leadership Collaborative, a training model designed to facilitate generative learning, Leadership skill development and positive organizational outcomes.

Leadership Collaborative I: Emergence (LCI), the gateway course into the LDP, is designed to teach foundational Leadership principles and practices.  It focuses on OSU’s Vision, Mission and Values and on unleashing the potential of all employees to transform them from ideas into reality.

LCII: Collaboration (LCII) is an advanced leadership development course offered to graduates of LCI.  The LCII vision is that participants create knowledge to advance OSU’s vision, mission and values through the integration of leadership skills with important institutional values, namely diversity, equity and inclusion.  LCII is structured as a hybrid Professional Learning Community (PLC).  It caters to individual learning needs, engages experts as consultants, and maximizes the power of peer learning. 

Tammy Jennings (participant): "I was thrilled to be a member of the LCI! LCI has given me renewed focus and energy, provided practical tools and skills, offered opportunities to have values-based conversations and revelations, and given me the chance to take thoughtful actions. I encourage anyone looking for a transformational experience to participate in LCI!."

Upcoming Collaborative Sessions