Welcome to Professional Coaching!

When you think of coaching, different types come to mind—sports coaching, executive coaching, supervisor coaching (feedback)  of employees, life coaching, and more.

We introduce you to another type of coaching called professional coaching. Professional coaching provides a structure where the coach and "coachee" use a process that helps a coachee, already good at the job, achieve greater results.

First, a person articulates a concise goal, then describes his or her current reality followed by brainstorming options, and then selects one or more options to use in an action plan (their way forward), and then they can solve, or begin to solve, most any challenge.

Desired outcomes may be focused on complex projects, service and community, talent development, leadership, and other items worthy of pursuing. Visit here for a list of projects that past coachees have sought to attain or accomplish. 

Are Your Talents Waiting To Be Unleashed?

Before you decide if professional development coaching is right for you, we invite you to explore testimonials and other information available at this site to help you better understand professional development coaching at OSU and how it can help you reach your potential.