Classified (Salary)Non-Exempt employees ARE required to record their hours in and out in EmpCenter, using either “Clock” or ”Work In/Out”.  After 40 hours worked, EmpCenter will automatically calculate Overtime pay (or it can be converted to Comp Earned).  Classified (Salary) Exempt just record the elapsed hours worked and Exchange will auto calculate. 

Unclassified Non-Exempt are not required to record hours worked unless it is in excess of their FTE and they would use the pay code “Additional Hours Worked” to show that and then EmpCenter calculates the OT when 40 hours is exceeded in the week (and this can also be converted to Comp Earned).

There are some training walkthroughs and User guides for each pay type (Classified Non-Exempt, Classified Exempt, Unclassified Non-Exempt, Unclassified Exempt) available on the Training page of MyTime, and FAQ’s with helpful information as well.