Procedure to Request a Multi-Year Fixed-Term Appointment of Three Years


Multi-year fixed-term appointments three years may be extended to academic faculty who have:

  • Achieved the second promotional rank within a fixed-term academic faculty rank;
  • Been in their position at least four (4) years; and
  • Made significant contributions to the university over a sustained period.

Eligible Ranks

An academic faculty member who has achieved a second promotion to one of the following ranks:

  • Professor (Clinical)
  • Professor (Extension)
  • Professor (Practice)
  • Professor (Senior Research)
  • Senior Faculty Research Assistant II
  • Senior Instructor II
  • Senior Instructor (ALS) II
  • Senior Instructor (ESL) II
  • Senior Instructor (PAC) II
  • Senior Lecturer II
  • Senior Research Associate II


  1. Unit prepares a letter that includes the following information, and is signed by the unit head: 

    • Employee’s name and OSU ID number,

    • Employee’s current FTE,

    • Current academic faculty rank and date promoted to current rank,

    • Assurance of available funding, and

    • Summary of the academic faculty member’s contributions to the university.

  2. Unit submits the letter to the dean or the designee for review and approval.

  3. Dean or designee reviews and approves.

  4. Upon receipt of approval from the dean or designee, the Academic HR Officer will prepare an updated multi-year fixed-term notice of appointment letter and issue to the requesting unit for delivery to the academic faculty member.

If the unit is seeking to explore extending a multi-year appointment of greater than three years, the Office of Faculty Affairs must first be consulted.

Transitioning Back to a Two-Year Appointment

Units and divisions that wish to transition a three-year multi-year fixed-term appointment back to a two-year appointment should reach out to their HR Strategic Partner to discuss options.