This recruitment tool may be utilized by departments and hiring supervisors to request hourly student employment.  Required fields are marked with asterisks (*).

Per OSU policy, new student jobs must be posted competitively in the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System for at least one day*

*Exceptions may be made for non-competitive appointments when job will last 7 calendar days or less, or when a unique qualification is required to fill the position.

Your HR Team will post student positions to the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System on your behalf.  Following submission of this form, an HR team member will review your request, contact you with any questions, and prepare your position for posting.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO SUPERVISORS:  Per the OSU Criminal History Check (CHC)/Motor Vehicle History Check (MVHC) Policy, all student positions will be reviewed by HR to determine whether a CHC or MVHC is required.  If a CHC or MVHC is required, HR will notify the hiring supervisor.  The appointee may not begin working until their CHC and/or MVHC has been cleared by the Office of Human Resources.  

For questions regarding this form, or for questions regarding student employment, please contact the Human Resources team at your Business Center.

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The supervisor of record should be the faculty member who will have the most knowledge and oversight of the work hours and day to day activities of the student employee hired for this position. Please note that only unclassified and academic wage employees can be assigned as the supervisor of record.
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Please select the student job category for which you are hiring. Descriptions of each student job category. HR will confirm the student job category when reviewing your position.

Student Food and Retail Service
Performs a variety of work associated with the provision of dining, food, and retail services. Positions may typically be found in University Housing and Dining, Memorial Union, Catering, and Guest Service

Student Facilities/Maintenance
Performs light to heavy unskilled labor such as custodial or maintenance tasks for the purpose of upkeep and care of university buildings, facilities, or grounds; may operate motorized equipment, motor vehicles, scooters, or golf carts. Position may typically be found in Facilities Services, Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management, Memorial Union, University Housing and Dining, and Athletics

Student Technical  Assistant
Performs routine to complex technical tasks in support of research or administrative work which includes laboratory, green house, field plot, data collection, simple analysis, or the care and maintenance of animals. Positions may typically be fou nd in Academic, Research, or Extension units.

Student Information Technology
Performs a variety of tasks related to computing operations, user support and installation, or programming and analysis. Positions may typically be found in central administrative IT departments, Library, or individual unit

Student Clerical
Performs general office work such as typing, copying, filing, sorting, indexing, reception duties, and accounting tasks. Position may typically be found in academic or non -academic offices, administrative units, Library, or student services

Student Outreach Assistant
Performs a variety of work related to outreach programs, including assistance at camps, youth programs, nutrition and education programs, and physical activity courses. Work may be performed at various locations, on or off the main campus, or at partner institutions. Positions may typically be found in Extension, Athletics, Rec Sports, Pre- College, or individual unit

Student Support Services
Performs a variety of work related to the support and enhancement of the quality of student life at the university. Typical work may include support activities related to student housing, peer advising, tutoring, safe ride, ASOSU, and tour guides.

Student Project Assistant
Performs graduate- level research, field work, or academic and teaching related duties in support of academic faculty or administrative staff. These positions are typically filled by graduate students who are not on an assistantship, and who are appointed to regular student position

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Job Location
Position Details
The anticipated hourly pay rate must fall within the approved pay range for the student job category. See student job categories and pay rates. PLEASE NOTE: The full pay range for the student job category will be listed on the posting.
Please provide a brief summary of why the position exists. This may include a description specific to the department and information used to market the position in the job posting.
Please select all that apply. See the Criminal History Check Crosswalk for additional guidance.
Please describe the specific duties to be performed by this position. What is the student in this position doing, and how are they doing it? Please be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed. A breakdown by percentage may be helpful. If any security-sensitive access was selected above, the associated position duties must be reflected here.
Qualifications should have a clear connection to the position duties. The Minimum Enrollment Requirements for student employment at OSU are automatically listed as a minimum qualification on every student posting.
Preferred qualifications should have a clear connection to the position duties.
How many hours per week can a student employee expect to work in this position? Please note: student employees are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week during academic terms, while classes are in session.
Recruitment Details
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Appointee must demonstrate specialized education, training, or experience that distinguishes the appointee from other possible candidates.
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If used, the "For Full Consideration Date" is the date by which applications must be received in order for applicants to receive full consideration for the position.
New student jobs must be posted competitively in the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System for at least one day.
If you would like to utilize supplemental questions to assist you in refining/screening the list of qualified applicants, list the questions here. The questions will be reviewed by your HR Team.
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