Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) states that an employee can qualify for volunteer service only when four (4) criteria are completely met: 

  1. “The work must be at the employee's initiative.
  2. The work must be outside normal or regular work hours.
  3. The employee must be performing a religious, charitable or other community service without contemplation of payment.
  4. The employee must be performing a task outside of the regular job functions performed for the same employer.”

Connections: OSU’s Office of Risk Management is responsible for Volunteer Service. Risk Management’s website contains the Policy, FAQ’s, and the required form for volunteers to complete. 

Student Employment is administered by the Office of Human Resources- Employee and Labor Relations (ELR). The ELR unit can be reached at: employee.relations@oregonstate.edu

Employment or Volunteer Criminal History Check (CHC) and Department of Motor Vehicle requirements are managed by Employment Services.