FAQs for Student Employment Roles

Q: Can an undergraduate student position perform grading duties?

  • A: Only if the professor provides an answer key, and it may be requested by HR to ensure CGE compliance at any time. For example, the answer to Q1 is C (if multiple choice) or 13.75 or Paris, France.

Q: How many hours a week can a student employee work while enrolled in classes?

  • A: Please refer to the Maximum Allowable Work Hours page found HERE.

Q: When can my student work up to 40 hours per week?

  • A: A student employee can work up to 40 hours per week during breaks; this includes Christmas break, Spring Break, and their term off. A student can only take one term off a year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) and cannot take back-to-back terms off. Most student elect to take Summer term off but they would be required to be enrolled for 6 or more credits the remaining other 3 terms. For example, a student takes Spring term off they cannot take Summer term off even though they are in different academic years.

Q: Why am I getting EmpCenter notifications?

Q: Can a student continue working in their student position after graduation?

  • A: Graduating students will be given up to one pay period to continue in their current student employment position. Example: Graduated Spring term, able to work in their student position until July 15th. However, international graduating students must complete their on-campus employment on the final day of the term in which they graduate or on the final day of their graduate assistantship in their final term of their degree.  For questions, please check with the Office of International Services for Post-Graduation Options and meet with an OIS advisor if you have specific questions. Example: Graduated Spring term, able to work in their student position until June 11th.

Q: I’ve offered a student a student employment position, when can they start working?

  • A: Students can only start working (including trainings and orientation), once they’ve received approval from University Human Resources. The Student Employment Center will send the student instructions with steps and requirements that will need to be completed. Once all the required steps are completed, you and the student will be sent a “Cleared to Work” email. Only after you’ve received this email can the student employees begin working.

Q: I already know who I want to hire. Do I have to post my student position in the online recruiting system?

  • A: Yes, unless the position meets the definition of a non-competitive recruitment (uniquely qualified or position lasts less than seven consecutive days). All other student positions are required to be posted to the OSU Jobs Online Recruiting System for a minimum of one business day. Public posting of student job vacancies ensures broader access to a wider range of potential applicants and is in line with the University’s policy on nondiscrimination and equal opportunity

Q: What is the process for submitting a termination request for student employees?

  • A: Termination requests for student employees can be submitted in Benny Hire. A step-by-step guide can be found HERE