OSU-Cascades Student Employment

Student employment on OSU Cascades campus functions under the same guidelines as general OSU Student Employment. Please visit the Liaison and Supervisor Resources page for general information and guidelines. 

Cascades Faculty Hourly Student Teaching/Research Assistants Support

As budget allows, the Dean’s office offers student worker support to academic faculty. This support can take the form of hourly Teaching Assistants (TAs) and/or hourly Research Assistants (RAs). 

  • Undergraduate courses enrolled with over 40 students and graduate courses over 30 students will automatically qualify for TA support. Other courses may qualify based on justification and approval by the Program Director. The number of hours per TA for a given course will be determined by the Program Director.
  • All full-time faculty are eligible for 100 hours of RA student worker support. RAs can be used to support your teaching activities or for research and scholarship related activities. Student workers will be approved by sending an email request to your Program Director.

Initiation of TA or RA Student Hire

Hiring the Student TA or RA

  • The BC HR signature will initiate the hiring process.; Allow at least 2 weeks for Human Resources to process the hiring documents.; Criminal History and DMV Checks can slow the timeline considerably. Make sure you receive the Cleared to Work notification before scheduling your student worker.

TA or RA Temporary Hires

In cases where qualified students are not available for essential faculty support, faculty can request to hire a Temporary worker to fill the role. Temporary workers are non-students, and their labor costs are higher than students. In addition, use of non-student workers circumvents one of the intended benefits of the budgeted student worker dollars, namely the opportunity for students to gain valuable academic and employment experience. Consequently, use of a Temporary worker requires additional justification and approval.

  • Initiation of TA or RA Temporary Hire – Complete Application for Temporary Worker. Once you have obtained Program Director approval, submit the form to Human Resources to initiate the hiring process. Temporary hires have a more complex onboarding process, allow at least 4 weeks for Human Resources to complete the hire. Criminal History and DMV Checks can slow the timeline considerably.