Selecting a Candidate

1. The hiring official evaluates the results of the student interviews. 

2. The hiring official should consider the following items when evaluating the applicants:

  1. The applicant’s qualifications for the position.
  2. The applicant’s strengths.
  3. The applicant’s weaknesses.
  4. The hiring official’s overall assessment of each applicant interviewed.  The hiring official should not rank the final applicants, but rather assess each applicant’s qualifications as applicable to the position.

3. The hiring official should select the best student applicant for the job position.  The hiring official’s decision should be based on the student’s skills, abilities, knowledge and competencies.

Sample Reasons for Non-selection (not a comprehensive list)

  • Failed to respond to invitation to interview.
  • Withdrew application.
  • Offered the position, but declined (try to ascertain reason).
  • Interviewed, but accepted another position before offer could be extended.
  • Interview revealed the candidate was not interested in the diversity (variety of tasks) required for the position. 
  • Insufficient technical competence in the required area. (Be specific in describing areas and skills in which the applicant is sufficient.)
  • Reference checks revealed less than favorable results.
  • Insufficient related experience. (Again, be specific in describing the experience the applicant lacks.)
  • Applicant's experience was outside the primary advertised area of responsibility.
  • History of difficult interpersonal relationships (use only when history truly exists and is documented).