08. How long does the motor vehicle history check process take?

Every state is different; some states provide certified results electronically the same day and other states require a written request before providing a driving history. The applicant should check their issuing state for more information. The Oregon DMV will fax Certified Court Print driving histories the following business day when applicants walk into an office and request it in person. Otherwise, Oregon license holders may download a driving history form, mail it in and receive the results in 7-10 days.  

07. How much does motor vehicle history cost?

Oregon Certified Court Print driving histories cost $3. Other states vary. To find out more, applicants should contact the state who issued their driver license.

06. What kind of driver’s history do I need?

Terminology varies from state to state, but generally it is called an official or a certified driving history. Oregon license holders need a Certified Court Print driving record. Please check with the state who issued your driver’s license (applicants need to request their driving record from the state who issued their license and not from an online third party vendor) for more information.

05. How do I submit a motor vehicle history?

Incumbents are required to possess and maintain a valid driver's license in their state of residence. They must obtain their certified or official driving history (Certified Court Print for Oregon license holders) from the issuing state's DMV for the past 36 months and fax a copy to 541.737.7771 Attn: Employment (most DMV offices will fax directly to OSU if requested) or submit a hard copy to:

Office of Human Resources
236 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis Oregon  97331
Attention: Employment

04. If I have a ticket, does that automatically disqualify me from driving for the University?

No.  A motor vehicle history check is intended to verify that the subject individual meets minimum driver standards as identified in University Policy 05-030 and has not forfeited bail or been convicted for any of the following, or reasonably similar, unacceptable driving violations, as certified by the motor vehicle history check.

02. How do I know if a position requires a motor vehicle history check?

All positions requiring a motor vehicle history check will contain a notification statement within the posting or position description designating the position as having driving as an essential function. Position descriptions are subject to change and may have a driving requirement added if driving becomes an essential function.

01. Is every OSU applicant required to complete a motor vehicle history check?

No. In accordance with University Policy 05-030 Motor Vehicle History Checks, Oregon State University only requires checks for those in service to the university in positions which have driving as an essential function.