09. How long will this Program be available?

Revised 6/24/2010: Program availability has been extended beyond June 30, 2010. No end date has been established at this time. Partial tenure relinquishment that occurs during the availability of the Program, however, is permanent.

08. What is the difference between my “employment FTE” and “indefinite tenure FTE”?

Your employment FTE reflects your full time equivalency in your position based on the work assigned to you.  Your indefinite tenure FTE reflects the amount of your position that is tenured.  Your employment and indefinite tenure FTE may be the same or they may be different.

07. Will my work assignments change, and can I supplement my FTE?

A reduction in your indefinite tenure FTE from 1.0 to 0.75 will reduce your work effort or employment FTE, unless you supplement your work effort and service with approved work activities, such as external grants, contracts, clinical services, ECampus activities, etc.  Increasing your employment FTE will require the approval of your department chair/head and dean.  Talk to your department chair/head before pursuing these activities.

06. Does relinquishment of 0.25 FTE indefinite tenure impact my benefits eligibility and leave accruals?

You will continue to be eligible for the University’s contribution toward your health insurance and retirement based on your employment FTE and in accordance with state and university rules and policies.

At this time the University will cover your health insurance premium for any month in which your FTE is at least 0.50.  The University will not cover any portion of your premium for any month in which your FTE is less than 0.50.

Retirement contributions are based on your earnings each month.

05. When does the salary increase become effective?

The salary increase will be granted to you on the effective date of the partial tenure relinquishment.

03. If approved, when would my partial tenure relinquishment be effective?

If you are a 12-month faculty member, the effective date will be the first of the month following approval.  If you are a 9-month faculty member, the effective date will be the beginning of the following term or the beginning of the academic year following approval, as determined by your department chair/head.

02. How does the Program work?

You agree to voluntarily relinquish 0.25 FTE indefinite tenure on a permanent basis.  In consideration for your 0.25 FTE indefinite tenure relinquishment, the University will increase your annual salary at the time of partial tenure relinquishment by 12.5%. 

01. Who is eligible to apply for the Partial Tenure Relinquishment Program?

Faculty members who hold 1.0 FTE indefinite tenure appointments are eligible to apply for this program.  Approval of your participation is at the discretion of your department chair/head, as well as your dean, director, vice provost, or vice president.  Final approval by the Provost is required before becoming effective.