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LinkedIn Learning collections are groups of courses or videos related to relevant topics. These can be viewed independently ('a la carte'), and in any order.

Below are some collections curation teams composed of OSU professionals have put together that provide training & resources on various topics.


Managerial Competency Framework Collections

The Managerial Competency Framework delineates the competencies OSU expects of supervisors and managers. These collections have been curated to support the growth and development of OSU managers and supervisors.

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Managerial Competency Framework Collection

The internal, trait-enhancing abilities and behaviors that help sustain self- awareness, e.g. knowing one’s skills and strengths, practicing critical thought, managing emotions, coping with challenges, and continuous learning.

Skillsets include: Insight | Humility | Asset-awareness | Emotional Literacy | Motivation | Learning | Accountability

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The abilities and behaviors to effectively collaborate and communicate across differences.

Skillsets include: Inclusion | Communication | Authentic | Flexibility | Community Building | Responsiveness | Resilience | Conflict Management | Ethics

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Organizational and strategic skills, combined with the talent-centered skills to run one’s unit effectively, efficiently, and ethically within the context of shared governance.

Organizational/Strategic skillsets include: Vision | Congruence | Strategy | Alignment | Responsiveness

Talent-centered/Hiring/Onboarding/Teams skillsets include: Recruitment | Orientation | Culture

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The skills necessary to run the operational needs of the unit while critically examining business norms that sustain/promote racism.

Skillsets include: Systems thinking | Translation | Stewardship | Initiative | Results Driven | Measurement | Risk Management

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Building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of others and helping them develop and achieve their potential so that they and the organization can succeed and grow.

Skillsets include: Mentorship | Networking | Career Learning | Cultural Competency | Feedback

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