Please review the following requirements and process before submitting a proposal. If you have any questions, please direct them to

FYI Friday Program Description

FYI Fridays is a weekly remote program where campus partners are invited to present brief, one-off, awareness- or foundational- building topics intended for a wide audience of professional faculty, academic faculty, and classified staff.

Presentation Requirements

  1. FYI Friday Presentations must be applicable/relevant to a wide audience inclusive of faculty & staff (e.g., Home Office Yoga Exercises; Family Resource Center 101; Customer Journey Mapping), or applicable to a targeted yet broad audience (e.g., Zoom Tips and Tricks for Engaging an Audience; Updates to a Common Software System; Travel Reimbursement Policy Updates). This program is not intended for presentations aimed towards specific units (e.g., College of Business; University Human Resources).
  2. Presentations must have an awareness- foundational skill- building framework. Examples of these types of presentations include: an introduction to or overview of a campus service, organization, or program; an informational presentation of widely-relevant research findings; foundational knowledge/skill/ability development within personal and/or professional domains.
  3. Presentations must be “one-offs.” A one-off is a single presentation (one and done) rather than a series of sequential presentations that build off of each other

If your presentation does not meet these requirements, please feel free to reach out to the Learning & Development team of UHR to discuss alternative venues:

What to Prepare for the Proposal

We have created a form in Qualtrics to collect proposals for FYI Friday presentations. This is a lengthy form, so having the information in a document that you can copy and paste into the form is recommended! Here’s what we’ll be asking:

  • Name of Presentation
  • Brief description of Presentation (50-160 words)
  • Intended audience (remember this should be as inclusive as possible for faculty & staff)
  • 2-5 Learning Outcomes (statements about what should the participant know or be able to do at the end of the presentation)
  • Presentation features (e.g., lecture, panel, pre-work, handouts, quizzes/surveys, breakout rooms, activities, etc)
  • Presentation length (from 30 min to 2 hours – remember to include the final Q&A portion of your presentation)
  • Preferred Dates (select & rank preferred Fridays of Spring Term)
  • Preferred time period (what times are you available to present on Fridays between 9am and 2pm)
  • Presenter(s) contact information
  • Who to contact about scheduling, coordination, more info

Multiple Proposals Allowed

You may submit multiple proposals if you have more than one presentation in mind. Based on the total amount of proposals received, scheduling restrictions, and how many proposals you have submitted, one or more of your presentations may be bumped to the next available term with priority consideration.

Spring Term 2021 Proposals

Spring Term 2021 proposals submitted before March 17th will be given full consideration. Proposals submitted after this deadline will still be considered if scheduling allows.

Submit your Spring Term 2021 FYI Friday Proposal here!

What to Expect After You Submit a Proposal

The Learning & Development (L&D) team will reach out to you within 2 weeks of submission to inform you of the status of your proposal.

When your proposal is approved, the L&D Team will confirm the dates and times of your presentation, and coordinate the registration and Zoom set-up of the presentation. You will also have the opportunity to request a training consultation with the L&D Team as you prepare your presentation.

One to two weeks before your presentation, the L&D Team will connect with you to ensure accessibility standards are met for slides, materials, and/or activities; review the registration and advertising process; and determine how they can provide Zoom support during your presentation.