Currently under revision for Fall 2021

Presentation: Information Forum for employees returning to on-site work

Employee Return to Onsite Work Readiness Checklist

As employees consider their return to work in collaboration with their supervisor, the check list below serves as a planning tool. Additional considerations unique to individual units and departments will also need to be addressed.

  • Have I reviewed OSU Resumption Plan, including Section 2, Page 25?
  • Has my return to onsite work been approved by my supervisor?
  • Am I prepared to conduct daily self-screening for symptoms of COVID-19, as outlined in OSU’s self-screening guide?
  • Do I understand What to do if you develop symptoms, including how to notify my supervisor if I need to stay home or return home?
  • Have I reviewed and am I prepared to consistently comply with OSU’s Face Covering Policy and OSU’s Physical Distancing Policy?
  • Is my workspace prepared for my return, including any physical barriers that might be necessary to achieve physical distancing and cleaning supplies to clean my individual space regularly?
  • Do I understand who to go to with questions about return to onsite work within my college or unit, including any specific physical distancing protocols established for managing meetings, including continued use of Zoom and use of conference rooms?