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The Office of Human Resources is implementing a new program, HR Advocate, effective May 20, 2014.  HR Advocate will allow us to better assist employees, managers/supervisors and departments by processing and tracking information in one central location for the following items:

Information and/or incident reports will be submitted online using the Public Incident Reporting form.  Please begin using this online form for the above items as of May 20, 2014.

Accident/Injury Reporting

Please remember that this online form should be utilized to report all accidents, injuries, and near miss incidents (safety hazards) that have occurred to either:

  • anyone on OSU controlled property or
  • OSU employees in the course and scope of their employment

For accidents or injuries to non-employees, an OSU employee should be notified of the incident and complete the form on behalf of the non-employee.

For accidents or injuries to OSU employees, OSU requires that the injured worker’s manager/supervisor complete the form. This is to meet the requirement that the manager/supervisor has reviewed the accident and determined the appropriate corrective action(s) to avoid similar hazards in the future, and ensure existing safety hazards are immediately addressed.  This may be in the form of the manager/supervisor identifying and addressing a hazard or unsafe condition (ex.: contacting appropriate people, such as facilities or custodial services to repair broken equipment or clean slip hazards), determining if a process or procedure can be improved to provide a safer work environment, determining whether additional safety training or personal protective equipment may be needed, or if other corrective action is needed (i.e., employee not adhering to trained safety processes).

Mandatory Reporting

Employees of Oregon State University are subject to mandatory reporting requirements of child abuse.  The HR Advocate reporting application will provide OSU employees an automated process for reporting incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect relating to OSU employment.  This does not substitute or eliminate the legal requirement to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement or the State of Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS).  If you have questions, please contact Viki Dimick at 541 737-5355 or go to the Mandatory Reporting website.

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