HR Advocate
Public Incident
Reporting Form

The Office of Human Resources implemented a new program, HR Advocate, on May 20, 2014.  HR Advocate allows us to better assist employees, managers/supervisors and departments by processing and tracking information in one central location for the following items:

Information and/or incident reports should be submitted online using the Public Incident Reporting form.

Jones Act Coverage (maritime/ship crew members only)

If a work-related injury or illness occurs to an employee whose job is to operate or work as part of the operation on a research vessel (crewmember), they may be eligible for coverage for claims under maritime law (federal claims, rather than Oregon state Workers’ Compensation claims). This coverage would pertain to people who operate the ship, not those who are aboard to do research and have no work related to the actual operation of the ship.

Mandatory Reporting

Employees of Oregon State University are subject to mandatory reporting requirements of child abuse.  The HR Advocate reporting application will provide OSU employees an automated process for reporting incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect relating to OSU employment.  This does not substitute or eliminate the legal requirement to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement or the State of Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS).  If you have questions, please contact Viki Dimick Jackson at 541 737-5355 or go to the Mandatory Reporting website.