HR Staff Directory

Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer - 236 Kerr | email

Heather Horn

Chief Human Resources Officer 541-737-7414
Jeannine Cropley Executive Assistant  

HR Strategic Partners

Name Units Contact
Carolyn Warfield Director - HR Strategic Partners 541-737-9356
Tarron Anderson

Division of Extension and Engagement

Division of Finance & Administration

Tricia Olson


Student Affairs

Jennifer Hill

College of Business

College of Pharmacy

College of Science

Monica Kulp

College of Agricultural Sciences

College of Engineering

Michelle Lopez

Office of the President

  • Audit, Risk and Compliance
  • EOA
  • General Counsel
  • Government Relations
  • Institutional Diversity
  • University Ombuds

Office of the Provost

  • Faculty Affairs
  • Educational Ventures
  • Enrollment Management
  • Academic Affairs
  • Library

Research Office

  • Hatfield Marine Science Center
  • Sea Grant
  • Research Centers and Institutes
Stefanie Maerki

College of EOAS

College of Forestry

University Information and Technology

Stacy Nedry-Johnson

College of Education

Graduate School

Honors College

OSU Cascades

University Relations & Marketing

Kadie Powell

College of Liberal Arts

College of PHHS

College of Vet Med



HR Operations Team


Classification/Compensation - 236 Kerr | email
Michael Mandzuk Director of Compensation & Data Analytics 541-737-5426
Megan Hickman Classification and Compensation Consultant 541-737-3134
Jenna Reeves Classification and Compensation Consultant 541-737-7316
Anna Gorman Classification and Compensation Consultant 541-737-8320
Jessica Michaels Classification and Compensation Consultant  
Jennifer Cossel Classification and Compensation Consultant 541-737-3104
Kelsey Witsell Classification and Compensation Consultant 541-737-8376
Jodi Harrison Classification and Compensation Consultant 541-737-8386

UHR Compliance Center

UHR Compliance Center - 236 Kerr - email
Jaime Zinck

Associate Director Employee & Labor Relations-Compliance


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Kris Galago

UHR Compliance Coordinator

Focus Area: Critical Training compliance administration; Domestic Flexible Work Arrangements

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Holly Thompson Administrative Support, UHR Student Assistant Send Email

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits - 236 Kerr | 541-737-2805  
Bonny Ray Executive Director for University Human Resources 541-737-2806  
Rachel Forslund Benefits Manager: PEBB and Grad Health Specialists 541-737-2835 Schedule Appointment
PEBB Health Insurance | questions about health plans, optional benefits and FSAs
Jessica Dalziel HR Benefits Systems Analyst 541-737-0754 Schedule Appointment
Harrison Edwards

Benefits Specialist 
Focus area: PEBB Health Insurance for New Hire enrollment


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Betty Buck

Benefits Specialist
Focus area: PEBB Health Insurance termination due to loss of eligibility

541-737-3521 Schedule Appointment
Brittney Holcomb Benefits Specialist
Focus area: PEBB Health Insurance midyear/life events, FTE changes for current employees
541-737-8327 Schedule Appointment
Graduate Health Plans with Pacific Source | questions about health insurance for Postdoctoral Scholars, Graduate Assistants, Graduate Fellows and Clinical Fellows
Vacant Benefits Specialist 541-737-7568 Schedule Appointment
Elizabeth Moreno Hernandez Benefits Specialist 541-737-0736 Schedule Appointment
Protected Leaves
Whitney Brown

HR Officer

Lori Schmidt

HR Officer

David Parrish Paid Leave Specialist 541-737-5946  
Retirement | questions about OSU retirement plan options
Ruth Nelson HR Officer 541-737-8254 Schedule Appointment
Audrey Roberson HR Officer 541-737-5689 Schedule Appointment
Work Life | questions about Employee Assistance Programs, Dual Career and resources for families
Christina Schaaf Work Life Coordinator 541-737-4960 Schedule Appointment

Employee and Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations - 236 Kerr | email | fax - 541-737-7771
Emily Farrell

Director of Employee Labor Relations

Focus Area: Academic Faculty, Professional Faculty, Classified Employees, Graduate Assistant Employees, 

Jaime Zinck

Associate Director of Employee Labor Relations

Focus Area: Academic Faculty, Graduate Assistant Employees

Kelsey Morris

Senior Employee Labor Relations Officer

Focus Area: Professional Faculty, Law Enforcement Professionals

Scott Southard

Senior Employee Labor Relations Officer

Focus Area: Classified Employees


Center for HR Systems and Technology

HR Information Systems - 236 Kerr | 541-737-8300 | general email
Jennifer Short HR Technology Administrator 541-737-3609

Learning & Organizational Development

Learning and Organizational Development - 236 Kerr - email
Vacant Interim Director of HR Strategic Initiatives 541-737-4790
Katy Ahlvin Senior Training Specialist 541-737-3207
Anne Gillies Search Advocate Program Director 541-737-0865
Melissa Medina Training Coordinator N/A
Jane Waite Senior Associate for Social Justice Learning and Engagement 541-737-0866

HR Service Center

AskHR [email protected] 541-737-3103
Criminal History Checks/Motor Vehicle Checks [email protected] 541-737-8935
Employment Verifications [email protected] 541-737-3743
HR Customer Portal  

HR Service Center

Bonny Ray Director - HR Service Center 541-737-2806
Brittany McDonald Associate Director - HR Operations 541-737-5296

HR Help Center

Employee Information Services | AskHR, staff fee benefits, time & leave administration and HR Service Center audits
Tammy Hubert Coordinator-Help Center Program 541-737-7976
Nancy Bierek Help Center Technician 541-737-0084
Susan Morin Help Center Technician 541-737-7287
Paula Dungjen Help Center Technician 541-737-4632
Employment Services | Criminal history checks, motor vehicle checks and employment verifications
Linda Firth Supervisor - Employment Services 541-737-2801
Rachelle Turpin Employment Services Technician 541-737-6777
Jessica Fuller Employment Services Technician 541-737-6791
Minami Holman Employment Services Technician 541-737-7544
Colleen Bova Employment Services Technician 541-737-7554
Susan Obrist Employment Services Technician 541-737-4536
Vicki Hebert CHC/EV Technician 541-737-0735


Robbin Sim Recruitment Team & Systems Manager 541-737-3203
Mary Thompson Recruitment Services Supervisor 541-737-0684
Rachelle New Recruitment Coordinator 541-737-6228

Claudia Hamilton

Talent Acquisition Coordinator 541-737-3054
Recruitment Team | Contact for job postings, search committees, candidate workflow, and offer letters

[email protected]

Recruitment Main Line: 541-737-5823

Heather Banks Recruitment Specialist 541-737-7632

Beth Bilyeu

Recruitment Specialist


Melinda Gonzalez

Recruitment Specialist


Mary Joslin

Recruitment Specialist


Maile Moore Recruitment Specialist 541-737-6227
Tricia Leman Recruitment Specialist 541-737-3606
Candice Vasallo Recruitment Specialist 541-737-8320
Chelsea Stockton Recruitment Specialist 541-737-6086
ATS Help Desk

For technical assistance with the application process, email: [email protected]

For questions about a specific posting, refer to the “Special Instructions to Applicants” section of the posting for contact information.

HR Support Services

Contact for new hire paperwork, orientation, job & status changes, leaves of absence, and offboarding

[email protected]

HRSS Main Line: 541-737-4149

Angela Williamson HR Support Services Supervisor 541-737-3252
Alicen Billings Onboarding Coordinator 541-737-7941
Daniel Mahoney Support Services Coordinator 541-737-4885
Emma Bramwell HR Support Specialist 541-737-3133
Ronda Bullis HR Support Specialist 541-737-1812
Lisa Butler HR Support Specialist 541-737-5339
Becki Gann HR Support Specialist 541-737-6705
Olga Lehman HR Support Specialist 541-737-6582
Chelsea Lunsford Onboarding Specialist 541-737-4584
Katie Shaw Onboarding Specialist 541-737-8823
Steve Smith HR Support Specialist 541-737-7984
Zach Walter Onboarding Specialist 541-737-6116

Student Employment Center

Chris Lewis Student Employment Center Supervisor 541-737-8816
Undergraduate Student Employment Services
For questions regarding undergraduate hourly student employment including posting jobs and recruiting, new hire paperwork, onboarding and job/employment terminations
[email protected]
Erik Chavez Undergraduate Student Employment Specialist 541-737-5765
Kenny Rossa Undergraduate Student Employment Specialist 541-737-0688
Jessica Jordan Undergraduate Student Employment Specialist 541-737-7896
Brittney Loftin Undergraduate Student Employment Specialist 541-737-9248
Candy Barnard-Davidson Undergraduate Student Employment Specialist (Cascades) 541-706-2136
Graduate Student Employment Services

For questions regarding graduate hourly positions and graduate assistantships including appointment process, new hire paperwork, job changes and job/employment terminations

[email protected]

Angel Silkbaron Graduate Student Employment Specialist 541-737-8116