FourSight Mindset Reveal

Discover your problem-solving superpower!

About the Program

What is your role in the innovation process? The “FourSight Mindset Reveal” is a workshop that dives deep into the way people solve problems together. This engaging workshop helps people learn more about their own mindset, learn appreciation for how colleagues work, and together be able to create a stronger team environment and reach more creative solutions.

Grounded in research, FourSight teaches the four stages of the universal creative process and reveals people’s unique thinking preferences for clarifying, ideating, developing, and implementing.

Starting Spring 2023, registration will be open to OSU faculty and staff on a quarterly basis, and also available upon request to OSU teams of 12+.


Program at a Glace

Interactive group training

Online assessment & interpretive guide

Group profile & analysis

Hands-on activities

Actionable insights

Clarifiers do their homework. Ideators think big. Developers get things right. Implementors get the job done. 

Workshop Information

Creativity is an essential skill that is innate in all of us – but each of us will approach a challenge differently. Do you know what your problem-solving preferences are, or how to leverage the thinking styles of others? The goal of this workshop is to help you discover your thinking preferences and reflect on how to leverage them to overcome barriers and increase successful collaboration.

Prior to the workshop, you will complete an online self-assessment. During the class, you will receive a report that reveals where you gain and lose energy in during the innovation process, and learn how different thinking styles approach unique challenges. Hands-on activities promote insights that help you anticipate strengths and blind spots when you collaborate with others. Learn where you can leverage your team's natural strengths and create the environment necessary for innovation and creativity!

Learn more about the FourSight Thinking Profile

Individual Profile

The FourSight® Thinking Profile is an assessment, proven by independent research to increase collaboration, communication and innovation.

  • 10-minute self-assessment
  • Universal problem-solving framework
  • Easy to understand and apply
  • Valid and reliable, based on 20 years of research
Team Profile & Workshop

In a dynamic FourSight® Mindset Reveal workshop, a certified FourSight facilitator presents the team with their own unique profile, to help individuals discover things about themselves and others - and together transform their ability to solve complex problems and achieve their goals.

  • Reveal team strengths and blind spots
  • Share a common language to solve problems
  • Improve collaboration and innovation
  • Great for in-person or virtual teams
Learning Outcomes

After this program participants will be able to:

  • Share a universal language to innovate, communicate and collaborate
  • Understand where they gain and lose energy in the universal creative process
  • Leverage thinking preferences
  • Use specific strategies that increase creative-problem-solving effectiveness



For OSU Faculty & Staff

This program is offered to OSU faculty and staff on a quarterly basis. Registration is capped at 24 enrollments. Workshops will be canceled if there are less than 12 registrations. Open enrollment opportunities can be found below.



For OSU Teams

This program is available to groups and teams of 12 or more, at a time and location that suits your needs! Please contact [email protected] with your request.

Register for Workshop!

Prior to the event, learners will take a self-paced online FourSight assessment; their results will be revealed during the class and the implications of their preferences will be discussed.

NOTE: There is a $55.00 fee to attend this workshop which covers the course materials.

PAYMENT: Upon registration you will receive a form requiring your Budget Authority’s signature to approve the course fee. To complete your registration, the Budget Authority form must be submitted to [email protected] at least 2 weeks before the event. You will receive a confirmation of full registration once the Budget Authority form is received. View cancellation policy below.



Cancellation Policy:

  1. To cancel a confirmed registration, visit and request to cancel enrollment at least five (5) working days before the first session.
    1. If enrollment is canceled before this deadline, the fee approved by the budget authority will be refunded.*
    2. Cancelations made after this deadline will not receive a refund, but can apply the fee towards a future FourSight Mindset Reveal session. This can be the same person who originally registered or another designated employee. It will be the responsibility of the department/employee who registered to track this.
  2. No-shows will be charged the $55.00 fee.*
    1. If a participant misses a session due to illness or personal emergency, that session can be made up at a future FourSight Mindset Reveal offering. It will be the participant’s responsibility to contact and coordinate this with the Training Coordinator at [email protected].

* If a participant has already accessed the course materials and then elects to cancel or transfer their registration, their Budget Authority will be charged for the full cost of the program (the $55.00 fee).

University Human Resources reserves the right to cancel classes or change dates. In the unlikely event that your training course does not take place or has changed, you will be notified and we will make every effort to reschedule the course and offer you an alternative date to complete the course.