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Future and current OSU employees can use this calculator and information listed below to learn more about the full value of their benefits provided at OSU.

Note: This calculator is not intended for use by part-time classified staff, as it will overstate the benefits amount paid by OSU. This is just an estimate of your benefits package.

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OSU - Paid Benefits

Brief Description

Estimated annual amount paid for you by OSU

Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Vision, and Basic Life OSU pays 95% of premiums for you and your eligible dependents' comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage. The Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) gives you a choice of plans with co-pays and/or deductibles which are your responsibility.
When you enroll in your PEBB core enrollments you are automatically enrolled in $10,000 of Basic Life Insurance with The Standard. The Basic Life policy includes a Travel Assistance Benefit . Employees enrolled in Basic Life Insurance also have additional benefits through The Standard for themselves and their beneficiaries. The Life Services Toolkit describes these additional benefits.
View the PEBB Benefits Payroll Deduction Calculator to see the full value of benefits and a monthly employee out of pocket cost estimate.
Employees should select "University Employee" to get the most accurate cost estimate.
  Estimated total annual compensation*  

*Note: This Total Compensation Calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only, and does not take into account all variables that would set your actual total compensation. The presented results should not be taken as professional advice, or relied upon as the sole basis for making important decisions.

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For Classified Employees: If making below $3,016, employees receive an additional $40 per month in benefits cost assistance.


OSU - Paid Benefits

Brief Description

Estimated annual amount paid for you by OSU

Retirement Savings
Paid For You
(You choose which plan)
Public Employees Retirement System**: PERS offers you a two-component retirement plan: the Pension Program, which is a defined benefit plan, and the Individual Account Program (IAP), which is a defined contribution plan. OSU contributes the 6% employee contribution monthly to PERS on the employee’s behalf. This estimate represents only the 6% contribution into the IAP. Employees who become vested in this program will have the opportunity to run pension estimates within the PERS Online Member Services Module.
Note: PERS Plan rules cap subject salary at $210,582 in calendar year 2022, and so employer contributions will not be made on any salary amounts over $210,582.
Optional Retirement Plan***: The ORP offers you a more portable plan and the choice of directing your own investments with a selection of mutual funds. For employees who qualify for Tier 4 of the ORP, an employer match up to 4% is available (with maximum 4% employer match).
Note: ORP Plan and IRS rules limit contributions to $305,000 of subject salary in calendar year 2022, and so employer contributions will not be made on any salary amounts over $305,000.

**The PERS estimation includes the employer and employee contributions into the PERS system. This is not the total amount that is placed in the employee IAP account.

***Unclassified employees who have not had a previous retirement choice with an Oregon University have the option to choose between two retirement programs (PERS and the ORP) in their sixth month of employment. The ORP total is not included in the estimated total annual compensation below. The ORP total is shown for comparison only.


Paid Leave Package

Your benefits also include a generous paid leave package including sick, vacation and holidays (amount based on your employee type and position duration). If you work less than full time your leave is pro-rated.

OSU - Paid Benefits
  • Ten paid federal holidays per year for 12 month staff
  • Typically nine paid federal holidays for 10 month staff
  • Seven paid federal holidays for 9 month staff
  • Unclassified and classified staff receive a "Special Day"
  • 24 hours of personal leave per year
Vacation Leave
(Prorated for part time)
You accrue 15 paid hours per month for vacation time.
Vacation Leave
(Prorated for part time)
Sick Leave
(Prorated for part time)
You accrue 8 paid hours per month to be used for your illness or that of a qualifying family member.


As you consider your offer consider the value of these items as well:

Staff Fee Privilege – This is a tuition reduction benefit at any of the 7 Oregon Public Universities. It includes college tuition for 12 credits per a term at 30% of the regular cost for you or your tax dependents. You can find more information regarding this amazing benefit including eligibility, policy documents and enrollment details here. This is available to eligible employees appointed to at least .50 FTE on the first day of the term (not including temporary or student employees).

Employee Assistance Program – Eligible employees have access to a confidential, no-cost benefit for employees and their household members to use called Lyra Health


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