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Our primary objective is to provide online and classroom training for employees in the area of soft skills, leadership, and manager/supervisor development.

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The orientation process for new university employees is multi-faceted. Learn about OSU Orientation Essentials, check out the Campus Onboarding Guide, and register for an upcoming Orientation session.

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The mandatory OSU Critical Training Program prepares faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and student employees to contribute to OSU vision, mission and values, and to conduct themselves ethically, with the highest integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

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 Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue

A Crucial Conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. These conversations, when handled poorly (or not at all), lead to strained relationships with dismal results.

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  Foursight Mindset Reveal

Creativity is an essential skill that is innate in all of us – but each of us will approach a challenge differently. Do you know what your problem-solving preferences are, or how to leverage the thinking styles of others? The goal of this workshop is to help you discover your thinking preferences and reflect on how to leverage them to overcome barriers and increase successful collaboration.

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OSU's Search Advocate program enhances equity, validity, and diversity in university hiring. Search Advocates are OSU faculty, staff, and students who are trained as search and selection process advisors.

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The Social Justice Education Initiative for faculty and staff at Oregon State University is an invitation to begin, or continue, your social justice and equity journey.

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This is a training program for all Oregon State University managers, supervisors, and lead workers. The objective is for learners to understand the responsibilities they have in their role as a supervisor, and to be able to empower employees in every stage of employment.

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The Managerial Competency Framework delineates the competencies OSU expects of supervisors and managers: the knowledge, skills, and abilities that OSU managers must develop and refine to effectively manage and lead people.

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The FYI Friday agenda consists of a variety of campus partners presenting brief, one-off, awareness- or foundational skill-building topics of interest to a wide audience.

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Training for Employees




My.Oregonstate Training Portal

To discover what's currently available, and to search for a training opportunity that fits your needs, log in to your my.oregonstate dashboard and check out the Training Portal!

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform featuring over 16,000 professional, technical, and creative self-paced courses - available at no cost to all active OSU faculty, staff, and students!

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Training at OSU is decentralized, meaning that programs are developed by various units across the institution. 

The information in this section does not represent all training conducted at OSU! 

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Our primary objective is to provide online and classroom training for employees in the area of soft skills, leadership, and manager/supervisor development. We blend a diverse knowledge of human and organizational behavior in both industry and higher education to unleash employee talent and maximize organizational outcomes.

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