Recruitment and Selection Resources

Your one stop shop for recruitment and selection resources

Competitive Recruitment Process - Step by Step

Do you have a vacancy you need to fill for a faculty or staff position?  If so, follow this step by step process!

Online PD & Recruiting System (PeopleAdmin 7)

Your link to the Online PD & Recruiting System and guides to help you navigate the process

Recruitment Advertising and Outreach Tools

       Helpful advertising and outreach tools to assist in recruitment efforts

Search Committee Training

       Search Compliance and Fundamentals

Search Committee Resources - Search Excellence

       Guidelines and tools to help you navigate the search process

Instructor Pool Guidance

       Guidance for requesting an academic year instructor pool posting and hiring from an instructor pool

Faculty Recruitment Toolkit

       Resources for tenure-track search committees and administrators

General Information

Advertising, Affirmative Action, Criminal History Checks and other recruitment resources

Appointment Guidelines

Guidelines and tools specific to individual appointment types

Criminal and Motor Vehicle History Checks

Guidelines and tools specific to the criminal and motor vehicle history check process 

Student Employment

Guidelines and tools for students and hiring managers related to student employment

Position Development

Guidelines and tools to assist you in developing a position description


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