Recruitment and Selection Resources

At the heart of Oregon State University (OSU) are the dedicated individuals who contribute to its vibrant community. As we envision a university where all members feel welcomed, nurtured, and empowered to reach their highest potential, we are committed to ensuring that employees embody the mission, vision, goals, and core values of the institution, reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve.

Every position at OSU is critical in achieving the collective institutional objectives. With each recruitment, we seize the opportunity to enhance the community and exemplify the university’s values of accountability, diversity, respect, and responsibility. Our commitment is demonstrated by applying fair, legal, inclusive, and effective hiring practices. The resources presented below are available to offer support and guidance for conducting a competitive recruitment at OSU. Each unit or college may possess its own search requirements or guidelines. Please consult with your department for clarification.

For guidance regarding student employment, please visit

Get acquainted with OSU’s hiring procedures and policies, or update your understanding of search protocols:

  • OSU Search Committee Training: Gain access to Search Committee Training, covering essentials like Search Compliance and Fundamentals. Note that an OSU login is required for access.
  • Search Advocate Program: Explore the details of OSU’s search advocate program— whether you wish to become an advocate or seek one for your upcoming search.
  • Search Excellence: Equip yourself with guidelines and tools essential for navigating the intricacies of the search process, emphasizing excellence at every stage.
  • Position Development: Delve into this webpage for guidelines and tools that facilitate the creation of a well-defined position description and organizational chart. It covers crucial aspects such as classification and compensation information, appointment guidelines, and more.
  • General Information: Navigate through a variety of recruitment resources encompassing OSU’s Hiring Philosophy and Principles statement, advertising strategies, affirmative action considerations, criminal history checks, dual career support, dual status insights for students and employees, and an overview of state and federal employment laws.
  • Online PD & Recruiting System (PeopleAdmin 7): Access the Online PD & Recruiting System through this link, accompanied by helpful guides to assist you in smoothly navigating the entire process.
  • Faculty Recruitment Toolkit: Tailored for tenure-track search committees and administrators, this resource provides essential tools and guidance for successful faculty recruitment.
  • Instructor Pool Guidance: Obtain insights and guidance on requesting an academic year instructor pool posting and navigating the hiring process from an instructor pool.
  • Appointment Guidelines: Learn more about resources and guidelines specific to various appointments types.
  • Toolkit for Inclusive Excellence in Recruitment: This toolkit provides guidance on developing position descriptions that demonstrate how the position contributes to the equity and inclusion goals of the institution, and the development of diversity, equity, and inclusion interview questions. 

Familiarize yourself with the tools made available to the search committee:

  • Competitive Recruitment Process Outline & Checklist: This comprehensive checklist provides detailed instructions for executing a competitive recruitment, ensuring a thorough and effective process.
  • Interview Checklist: This comprehensive checklist provides detailed instructions for executing first-round and final-round interviews, ensuring a positive candidate experience.
  • Efficient Search Tips: Use this guide for instructions on how to conduct an efficient and quick search.
  • Hiring Manager and Search Chair Email Templates: Simplify your communication with pre-designed templates for various purposes, including invitations to serve as a search committee member, engagement with search advocates, and kick-off meeting details.
  • Screening Criteria Matrix: This resource is essential for thorough candidate screening throughout the recruitment process. The entire search committee collaborates to develop the tool, evaluating qualifications and predicting performance. This process, conducted before advertising, ensures effectiveness, allows for refinement, and uncovers bias. Rigorous adherence to the matrix at each stage helps mitigate bias.
  • Candidate Email Templates: Streamline communication with pre-designed templates covering first-round interview requests and confirmations and final interview requests and confirmations. These templates are designed to enhance efficiency and professionalism in candidate interactions.

Develop and execute an outreach strategy to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants:

  • Recruitment Advertising and Outreach Tools: Explore this collection of advertising and outreach tools designed to enhance your recruitment efforts. From strategic planning to execution, these resources are tailored to make your outreach more effective.
  • Recruitment Resource Guide (EOA Distribution List): Discover insights and guidance in this comprehensive guide, providing assistance in developing a robust advertising plan for your position. It also includes essential listserv information to streamline your outreach. Please note: this resource must be utilized in all external competitive searches.
  • OSU Job Announcement Taglines: Incorporate the Equal Opportunity in Employment tagline into your job announcements, reinforcing OSU’s commitment to fairness and inclusivity.
  • Talent Acquisition Support: For personalized sourcing support, reach out to Claudia Hamilton via email. Claudia’s expertise can be instrumental in identifying and attracting the right talent for your needs.
  • HR Strategic Partners: Your assigned HR Strategic Partner is a valuable resource for additional recruiting strategies. Feel free to contact them to explore customized approaches and solutions that align with your recruitment goals.

Resources for conducting interviews that positively promote employment opportunities at OSU:

  • Veterans Preference Employment Procedures: Delve into the procedures and FAQs associated with veterans' preference in the hiring process, offering clarity and guidance for fair and inclusive recruitment practices.
  • Screening Applicants: Gain insights into the initial screening process with a detailed outline complemented by examples, ensuring a thorough understanding of the procedures.
  • Applicant Disposition Worksheet (ADW): This essential resource is necessary for effectively managing candidate dispositions throughout the recruitment process. The HR Recruitment Specialist will send an ADW to the search chair post the completion of the full consideration date and/or closing date.
  • Interviewing: Equip yourself for interviews with a comprehensive guide covering preparation, welcome package ideas, checklists, question development, guidance on inappropriate questions, interview conduct, and tools for effective evaluation. This section serves as a holistic resource for a successful interview process.

Delve thoroughly into the candidate's history through the process of conducting reference and background checks:

  • Reference Checking & More: Learn the intricacies of conducting a thorough reference check, complete with sample questions and guidelines for verifying credentials, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates.
  • Degree Verify: Streamline the verification process for credentials, including degrees, licenses, and certifications, by using the Degree Verify website at:
  • General Background Check Information: Gain a comprehensive overview of background checks, motor vehicle history checks, and sexual misconduct reference checks, ensuring a thorough understanding of the various components involved in the vetting process.

Congratulations! You’ve selected a finalist for the position and are ready to make an offer, hire and onboard the newest addition to the team:

  • Making an Offer: Present your recommendation to the hiring manager and initiate the process of requesting an offer letter, ensuring a smooth transition from candidate selection to the onboarding phase.
  • Communicating to Applicants: Establish clear and considerate communication with applicants who will not be invited to interview or have not been selected to progress further in the recruitment process. Maintain transparency and professionalism throughout the communication process.
  • Integrating the New Employees: Before the onboarding process, pose essential questions to yourself for seamless integration of new employees into the organization. This proactive approach ensures a well-organized and welcoming onboarding experience for the new team members.