Facilitating the Safety and Well-Being of the OSU Community

As a community, we at Oregon State University are committed to living our vision, mission and values, and conducting ourselves ethically, with the highest integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. 

The OSU Critical Training Program delivers training that prepares the OSU community to fulfill our commitments. Given the importance of the topics covered, the training is mandatory.

Who is Required to Take the Training

Faculty, staff, temporary employees, student employees, graduate assistants, posdoc scholars, clinical fellows, emeritus employees with a post-retirement appointment. Volunteers will be included in the future.

Online Training Program

Critical Training is delivered online to increase people’s access. It allows people to pace their training according to their own needs and to take the training in any location. OSU currently uses a platform called Bridge to deliver the training.

Current Required Training Topics

Current required training topics include Ethics, Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse, Protected Leaves (FMLA & OFLA), Information Security, and Equal Opportunity & Access which includes Title IX, sexual harassment and prohibited discrimination and protections afforded under the Americans with Disability Act.

Critical Training Program Administration

OSU’s Critical Training Program is administered by University Human Resources.

Next Steps

To learn more about Critical Training, go to Critical Training Questions & Answers.

Contact Critical Training Program staff in University Human Resources for assistance.

Access your Critical Training.