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Organizational Development is a strategic approach focused on improving an organization's capacity, efficiency, and alignment with its strategic objectives. Executive leadership often collaborates with coaches and organizational experts to realize their full potential, fostering personal and professional growth while enhancing their organization's overall effectiveness.

Internal Services

The following services are available for leadership at OSU to drive organizational success.

Human Resources Strategic Partners

Your Human Resources Strategic Partner (HRSP) is here to assist you with your strategic planning and organizational development efforts! Your HRSP will partner with you to identify needs and match available professional and organizational development services – both internally and externally – to meet your needs.
We welcome you to connect with your HRSP to discuss opportunities and solutions for you and your unit, support your desire to understand and shift work group dynamics, develop the full potential of your employees, and build and sustain a healthy and productive organization.

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OSU Leadership Programs

Discover internal development programs tailored to meet the needs of the OSU leader!

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External Services

The directories below provide information about external consultants who offer services related to organizational and leadership coaching. We invite you to research and review these professionals’ summaries, and find others, to identify the professional who meets your particular needs! OSU provides this information as a courtesy and it may become outdated. OSU does not warranty the services of any of the listed individuals. Users should always independently verify the quality, suitability, and accuracy of the information before making any decisions.

Before you, in your employed capacity, connect with any of the individuals listed below or others you may find, please review the Procurement Contracting Reference Materials and Video Trainings on the Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) Training and Support webpage. All OSU contracts (including those with private consultants) must follow PCMM policies and procedures. Further questions regarding procurement and contracting can be addressed to [email protected]. (Contracting in your personal capacity does not go through PCMM and OSU is not a party to a private contract; in those instances, OSU assumes no liability for any disputes, results, claims or issues related to or arising from contracting with any of the below-listed individuals). 

Partners Experienced with Prior OSU Collaborations

The following individuals have provided coaching services to the OSU community.

Dr. Katie Linder is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Innovation and Strategy at the University of Colorado Denver. Previously, she served as Associate Dean for Kansas State University’s Global Campus and directed the award-winning Ecampus Research Unit at Oregon State University.

Katie is a dedicated life-long learner. She is a PCC-level certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) with the Yoga Alliance. Katie also earned her Project Management Professional (PMP) credential in 2020, her Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) credential in 2021, and became a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner (CCP) in 2022.

Katie has a passion for helping others engage in and create meaningful change. For the past several years, her work has focused on the intentional integration of technology into the higher education classroom; how to implement practices and tools for meaningful productivity; and methods for integrating change management theories and techniques into higher education processes.
Her latest works include Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers (Stylus, 2020; co-authored with Kevin Kelly and Tom Tobin), Managing Your Professional Identity Online: A Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators (Stylus, 2018), High-Impact Practices in Online Education (Stylus, 2018; co-edited with Chrysanthemum Hayes), and The Business of Innovating Online (Stylus, 2019). She is also the author of The Blended Course Design Workbook: A Practical Guide (Stylus, 2016).

Katie earned her BA in English Literature from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, and her MA and PhD in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from The Ohio State University.

Focus Areas
•    Values Alignment
•    Writing Productivity & Strategy
•    Leadership Development
•    Building Self-Trust & Confidence
•    Career Path Discernment
•    Project Management

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Dr. Kim Burns served for 26 years in leadership roles in Massachusetts community colleges. She now provides expertise and support to institutions and individuals as a certified coach, facilitator, and consultant drawing on a wealth of experiences. She is deeply committed to creating environments where trust and psychological safety provide conditions for learners and leaders to flourish.

Kim believes coaching is a form of deep learning that helps clients increase their confidence and emotional intelligence, both of which are critical for leading today’s complex challenges. She helps emerging and seasoned administrators unlock their authentic leadership style so they can make personal and professional decisions that are aligned with their core values. Whether it is achieving meaningful productivity, getting unstuck, overcoming imposter syndrome, setting boundaries, or figuring out what is next, Kim serves as a thought partner and creates space for clients to achieve clarity, cultivate their strengths, and build confidence to achieve their goals and thrive.

Kim’s work is informed by adult learning theory, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, systems thinking, and her commitment to social justice. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, a certified DiSC facilitator, and certified appreciative inquiry facilitator. Kim served in several leadership positions in the Massachusetts community college system. Most recently, she was the Dean of Academic Innovations and Professional Development at Northern Essex Community College where she led the development of the first competency-based education associate degree in the state. Kim has also taught as an adjunct instructor in the Higher Education graduate program at Merrimack College. Kim earned a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts Boston, a Master of Arts in Community/Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Contact: [email protected] | 978-729-6322

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Paul, who retired from Oregon State University in 2021, brings over 25 years of experience in Training & Organizational Development at Oregon State University. Paul specializes in management and supervisory training, leadership development, facilitation, coaching, conflict management, and soft-skills training.

Throughout his tenure at OSU, Paul designed and facilitated meetings for various groups, delivered soft-skills training on more than 30 topics, facilitated conversations to manage conflicts, provided 1-to-1 performance coaching for over 25 years, and led the non-traditional Journey into Leadership program for 18 years. Paul has undertaken organizational development projects, assessing team dynamics and resolving group issues.

Paul is devoted to empowering individuals, teams, and organizations while actively driving positive change and fostering growth in professional settings.

Areas of Focus:
•    Management & supervisory training
•    Leadership training
•    Meeting design & facilitation for large and small groups (retreats, team building, and execution of strategic initiatives)
•    1-to-1 performance coaching at all levels
•    Conflict management & facilitation (between employees, managers/employees, or teams)
•    Soft-skills training & workshops
•    Organizational development (assessment of team dynamics and resolving group issues)

Paul’s Performance Coaching Philosophy:

Coaching is fundamentally providing the space to think together. Coaching involves deep and profound listening and asking questions that allows a coachee to go deep, drawing out answers and actions that they wouldn’t arrive at on their own. This leads to focused and intentional action that over time takes performance to another level. I regularly provide content information to supplement the training based on the numerous workshops that I developed.

Facilitation Services:

Paul specializes in designing and facilitating tailored meetings for groups, ranging from half-day to multi-day sessions. He believes in spending ample time with a point person or small group to identify desired outcomes and foster meaningful conversations. This often includes pre-work to encourage deeper exploration of the topic.

Contact: [email protected]  |  541-231-3941

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Steve is an accomplished leader with hands-on managerial experience in finance, information technology, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, sales & distribution at the staff, general manager and global business-unit levels. His strengths lie in strategy development and organizational execution, management team development and executive leadership. He is well-traveled, well-read and balances analytical frameworks with experienced-informed, practical approaches to real-world organizational challenges. He brings people, imagination and logic together to reveal insights and create practical value about what is necessary or possible. He is dedicated to making a positive difference in every situation. Steve is an Oregon native and a first generation college graduate from Oregon State University in civil engineering. After graduation he spent four years in construction and construction management with the US Forest Service, earning his professional engineering license in both Oregon and Washington. Obtaining his MBA from the Foster School at University of Washington, he then worked eighteen years for Hewlett Packard Company before resigning in 2003 to explore personal ambitions.

In addition to his on-going business consulting, Steve works with start-up companies, mentors young professionals, and founded an organizational development firm dedicated to exploring and improving organizational performance through skilled collaboration, leadership and innovation. Steve was a minority owner and past managing director of Alling Henning Associates (AHA), a 50+ person creative agency in Vancouver, WA. The company consistently performed well throughout several business cycles and was acquired by Finn Partners in Feb 2022 in a mutually attractive transaction. Favorite pastimes include photography, travel, hiking, and flying.

About Constructive Endeavors Consulting:

Constructive Endeavors Consulting (CEC) is an assumed business name under Second Pursuits, LLC (SPD), a registered business in Oregon created in April 2004. The name exists to brand and maintain separate records for the consulting business, independent of other activities operated under the broader activities of SPD. The consulting business focuses on organizational leadership, facilitations, executive coaching, and strategic planning.

CEC has one principal and owner, Stephen Shields (Steve). Steve has never advertised nor marketed CEC. While CEC may advertise its capabilities in the future, that has been unnecessary thus far. All the firm’s opportunities to date have been by word of mouth. Steve is selective about the consulting engagements undertaken; maintaining an emphasis on the fit between his personal skills and the client’s needs as well as ensuring sufficient available time to complete each engagement successfully.

Services provided:

The specific services currently performed by CEC include
•    Organizational change and transitions management consulting
•    Executive leadership development and thought partnering (i.e., coaching)
•    Valuable meeting design and facilitation
•    Effective collaboration, change management, performance system development workshops and training sessions
•    Strategic planning, including business model and strategic framework development

Additional services have been offered in the past and may be in the future at a client’s request or based upon additional skills available through partners.

Contact: [email protected]  |  Text: 541-760-1155

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Additional Professionals Experienced in Leadership and Organizational Coaching 

The following individuals also possess significant coaching experience.

CEO, Carrie Lovelace Petr Coaching & Consulting, LLC

A seasoned executive administrator, Carrie Lovelace Petr holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She trained as a certified professional and executive coach at the ICF-accredited College of Executive Coaching and is recognized as both an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation a Board-Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing Education. 

Carrie has lived her professional career in service to higher education staff, students and faculty. Prior to founding her full-time coaching practice, Carrie served as senior student affairs officer at two institutions; throughout her career in higher education she has supervised all traditional areas in the field of student affairs.  Outside of the student affairs arena, Carrie has enjoyed work as a faculty member, academic adviser and academic administrator.  Of note for clients interested in their own professional growth, Carrie was the founding director of the Zenon CR Hansen Minor in Leadership Studies at Doane University and has practiced leadership development and higher education administration for more than 25 years. Partnering with long-time professionals and aspiring leaders to help them thrive and nurture their talents is her passion.  

Beyond her professional life, Carrie is an avid reader and enjoys biking, craft cocktails, and storytelling.  She and her husband of 25 years share a college-age daughter and Felix, the most adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel in the universe. 

Reach her at or find her on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Tony’s target client is the C-Suite, or 1 layer below with potential of the C-Suite.  Typical clients have 15-20 years experience, have achieved a modicum of success in their career, most likely have an MBA or similar advanced degree, and have 15-25 years left in their career with an ambition to take their performance and career to the next level.

Through a combination of diverse executive experience and formal coach training, Tony works with individuals and their organizations to identify next level growth to build a plan for a purposeful foundation for success with a goal of fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

Areas of Coaching Expertise

  • Executive, Career, Leadership, Transition, and Performance Coaching

Levels Coached

  • C-Suite, VP, Director

Thought Leadership

  • Author, ”Am I Doing This Right – Foundations for a Successful Career and Fulfilling Life (Nov 2022).  
  • "The River” Professional Development Newsletter 
    • > 3400 subscribers
  • Founder & Principal Executive Coach, The River Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Examples of Coaching

  • Female leader in China with global relationships
  • Female leader in Argentina with work/life balance
  • Male German leader through career challenges
  • HR executive through complex budget challenges

Results Achieved

  • 2023 Survey on impact of professional development initiatives:  1600+ respondents, 4.6/5.0 scale, 900+ favorable comments, 0 negative comments, global participation
  • Based on a survey of 25 recent internal clients, Tony’s top 3 deliverables were:
  1. Valuable insights & Targeted Advice
  2. Whole Life Approach and Growth Mindset
  3. Advocacy and Support
  • >500 professionals coached over 25 years
  • Individuals from US, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, India, China, and Australia

Contact: [email protected]  |  515-336-2142
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External Leadership Development Opportunities 

Find additional coaching resources below. 

Learn more about the AS Executive Coaching Practice, and find a coach that understands the context of higher education.

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