Registered Sex Offenders


Under State of Oregon law, individuals designated as sex offenders may be required to register with the Oregon State Police (OSP) when starting, changing, or stopping employment or vocation at an institute of higher education. In some cases, OSP reports the information to OSU's Department of Public Safety upon receiving the registration. The Department of Public Safety then reports the information to University Human Resources. Please visit the Offender Information webpage on the Oregon State Police website for information and resources.

Every month, Human Resources compares the current Level 3 Sex Offender list that is publicly available on the OSP Sex Offender Registry website

Individuals identified through either of these processes are added to an extended reference checklist, which is reviewed for all newly hired OSU employees, all new OSU volunteers, all OSU employees that change positions or have expanded duties added to their position, and all OSU volunteers whose scope of volunteer service responsibilities is expanded. This process is supplemental to the university’s background check program and applies to employees and volunteers. 

Information gathered from the processes above assist OSU in better understanding the population of its community, assessing risks to the OSU community, and informing how individuals can be supported to be successful as a member of the OSU community and community beyond the university.

All current OSU employees and volunteers, that are required to register as a sex offender with the Oregon State Police, are also required to disclose this information to the university. More information is located at the links below:

OSU student employees are encouraged to also familiarize themselves with the Admission and Attendance of Students with Criminal Histories policy.

More information is available in the Registered Sex Offender section of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

A visual representation of the process is available at this link.


Details of an individual's registered sex offender status and the individual assessment conducted by the Hiring and Service Risk Assessment Committee will not be shared with other units that do not have a business need to know.

Review of Registered Sex Offender Status

The review of an individual’s Registered Sex Offender status is conducted by the university’s Hiring and Service Risk Assessment Committee (HSRAC), which conducts an individualized assessment and determines if an individual poses risk to the safety and well-being of others. Before a decision is made, the individual will be provided notice by the university via email and extended an opportunity to provide additional information to be considered when conducting the individualized assessment.

For more information about the HSRAC process, as well as the potential assessment of the factors and potential supplemental information that can be provided by an individual, please review the Review of Background Check Results and Employment / Service Eligibility Determination section on the Background Check home page.

Individualized Assessment

In addition to the standard review by the HSRAC, additional outreach to the college Dean(s) and/or division VP(s), as well as supervisors/volunteer service coordinators may be conducted. This outreach will assist the university in understanding how to support the success of the individual as a member of the university community.


Please visit the Registered Sex Offender section of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

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